Got warrants in every city except Houston…

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Go ahead and laugh.

Yesterday Pete had to work from about 8 am until 10 pm. Normally that would be an exhausting day in itself, but add in the whole “crutching around or else face a longer recovery and experience stabbing pains in your back/butt business” and you can probably imagine the magnitude of my lethargy this morning.

This injury has been a humbling experience. I took yesterday off from cross-training, but I’m planning to go to the pool every day from now until my follow-up on March 18th. Besides that, I’ll be hanging out on my couch with my 6 month old until Friday if anyone needs me.

VIFL 14k race report

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VIFL 14k race report

Last weekend I ran the Virginia is For Lovers 14k in Virginia Beach. So, how did it go? Let me break it down:

I went through the 5k 10 seconds faster than I raced a 5k at the Troy Turkey Trot in November. I didn’t take mile splits, but my first mile was 6:39 and I averaged 6:39 for the race so I’d say I ran pretty evenly. From 5k to the finish not one runner passed me, and I ran down two women in the last 3 miles (one with about a half mile to go). I felt GOOD, maybe too good. I’ve made this my goal pace for Shamrock which will give me a 1:27 half marathon if I can hold that pace for 4 more miles. I think I can do it with another month of training (especially with how far I’ve come in the past month).

The best part of the race was having my teammates out there with me, and because there were a few turnarounds we got to see each other and cheer for each other (and exchange a few side fives of course). Thank you Hollie and Steph, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Sixty miles.

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Sixty miles.

Let me preface this by saying that I still have a lot of work to do, but… I finally worked my way up to my first 20 miler yesterday. It took me 2:45:17 on the treadmill, which is 8:15 pace. This is a huge improvement over last weekend’s 18 miler, which was at 8:30 pace. I’m finally feeling like I can push myself and my training is really starting to come together. I also hit 60 miles last week, which was a big goal of mine for this month.

I decided (with some encouragement) to run the Virginia is For Lovers 14k this weekend. I was hesitant to commit to this race because, after a year of running races and not being capable of pushing myself at all, I wanted to make sure I was in shape enough to actually RACE. I haven’t done any speed work or tempos, so it might be ugly, but I’m ready to finally toe the line with some confidence.

Why the treadmill? Well, the roads are totally clear this week, but 20 miles takes so long to complete. If you add in travel time to the park, setting up the BOB, travel time back, etc. it all adds up to four hours. If I do my run at home, Pete is able to take care of Emmaline while I run, let her nap in her own room, feed her, and overall it’s a lot less stressful. Yes, I would love to hit the trails, but I’ll save that for warmer days and my relatively shorter long runs.

Tempo rundies day!

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Tempo rundies day!

I’ve got my tempo rundies on! Today’s workout was supposed to be a way of tricking myself into running faster when I’m not quite ready for a true tempo. I planned on doing 8 miles alternating easy miles with marathon goal pace miles. Because I was pushing the stroller for this workout, I had to modify my pace and truly run on effort. The workout was going really well until Emmaline woke up and started screaming for no good reason I could think of. She normally loves the stroller and sleeps though the whole freaking run, but of course she had to choose today to revolt. Thankfully I was near my house when it happened so I took her inside, changed her, and calmed her down. At that point I had one easy mile and one MGP mile left, but I couldn’t focus with her being upset so I just ran the last two miles as a cool down and tried to keep her calm. I finished the 8 miles in exactly 66:00 and my three “fast” miles were 7:11, 7:04, and 7:02. I suppose I could have just left Emma crying in the driveway and finished my workout, right? Um, no. So despite everything not going perfectly, I’m satisfied with my effort.

Always in our hearts

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Always in our hearts

Hard to believe it’s been a year. I’m sitting here holding my own child and I just can’t imagine going through something like that.

This morning I ran 6 miles OUTSIDE in my new shoes. I felt pretty swell until a guy passed me during my third mile (he was either wearing headphones or ear muffs, not sure). I picked it up and ran too fast for that mile, so I was hurting a little more than I should have been. I won’t elaborate because I don’t want to sound negative, but I will say that I will enjoy returning the favor of passing him when I get in better shape. Anyway, total time was 45:52. New shoes were light and comfortable and I felt strong so I’m happy!

“I will try again tomorrow.”

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Yesterday was not a great day, but I’m learning to stop being so hard on myself. Even though I had to keep stopping and starting, at least I got it done. I think this training cycle is going to be a big, fat lesson in patience… but I’m excited to start this journey. Much needed rest day today for us both!

Five miles with a surprise ending.

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Five miles with a surprise ending.

Five miles in 41:02, another day on the treadmill. It almost didn’t happen, but I’m too damn stubborn to give up when I set my mind to something. I had to wait until Emmaline’s afternoon nap because she had a rough morning, and she woke up a few times during the afternoon nap but I managed to get it done. I’ll spare you the details of how many times I had to hit the pause button, as well as the details of my temporary moment of insanity. Just as I finished, the UPS man rang the doorbell with a delivery. It was a surprise from one of Santa’s elves in Boston… NB 890’s aka Barringers! So pumped to try these out.

Don’t be jealous of my photography skillz.