Sixty miles.

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Sixty miles.

Let me preface this by saying that I still have a lot of work to do, but… I finally worked my way up to my first 20 miler yesterday. It took me 2:45:17 on the treadmill, which is 8:15 pace. This is a huge improvement over last weekend’s 18 miler, which was at 8:30 pace. I’m finally feeling like I can push myself and my training is really starting to come together. I also hit 60 miles last week, which was a big goal of mine for this month.

I decided (with some encouragement) to run the Virginia is For Lovers 14k this weekend. I was hesitant to commit to this race because, after a year of running races and not being capable of pushing myself at all, I wanted to make sure I was in shape enough to actually RACE. I haven’t done any speed work or tempos, so it might be ugly, but I’m ready to finally toe the line with some confidence.

Why the treadmill? Well, the roads are totally clear this week, but 20 miles takes so long to complete. If you add in travel time to the park, setting up the BOB, travel time back, etc. it all adds up to four hours. If I do my run at home, Pete is able to take care of Emmaline while I run, let her nap in her own room, feed her, and overall it’s a lot less stressful. Yes, I would love to hit the trails, but I’ll save that for warmer days and my relatively shorter long runs.

Five miles with a surprise ending.

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Five miles with a surprise ending.

Five miles in 41:02, another day on the treadmill. It almost didn’t happen, but I’m too damn stubborn to give up when I set my mind to something. I had to wait until Emmaline’s afternoon nap because she had a rough morning, and she woke up a few times during the afternoon nap but I managed to get it done. I’ll spare you the details of how many times I had to hit the pause button, as well as the details of my temporary moment of insanity. Just as I finished, the UPS man rang the doorbell with a delivery. It was a surprise from one of Santa’s elves in Boston… NB 890’s aka Barringers! So pumped to try these out.

Don’t be jealous of my photography skillz.

Trial and error

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Another day, another run on the treadmill. I was aiming for between 3 and 5 miles, but Emmaline woke up just as I was finishing 4 miles. I warmed up for one lap and then did the rest of the run at 8.0 mph (a little different than how I ran yesterday, varying my pace every lap). Total time was 31:26 for 4 miles.

This is all becoming trial and error, but it’s working out better than I had hoped this week. I admit I was curious so I started reading up on Wonder Weeks because I kept hearing about it so much. I downloaded an app for it a few weeks ago, and now we’re at the beginning of a big development jump, which basically means that Emma wants to stay up and play instead of nap. She’s still sleeping well at night so I’m not officially complaining, it just poses a challenge during the day when I’m trying to get things crossed off my enormous to-do list.



Also, I have managed to NOT do any self-gifting this year, which takes a lot of self control!

How is your Holiday To-Do List coming along?

The first day.

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The first day.

Day one is a success! I managed to squeeze in a 4 mile treadmill run in 32:50 while Emmaline napped. It’s raining today so a stroller run was not an option. We’re working on crib naps and extending nap times, so I will hopefully have at least two opportunities for short runs during the day if it rains. We’re also working on tummy time, as seen here! I read that babies are supposed to be up to 90 minutes of tummy time by three months, so we have some work to do. Hope everyone is having a good day!