Racing after baby and a new training program…

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Today I registered for my first race in several months! I actually registered for 3 races, all in September (two 5ks and a 4 mile trail race). The first one is this Saturday (eek)! One reason I decided to jump in a few races so soon after having Natalie is the need to practice a race day routine for my half marathon in October. Plus I really love fall races, whether I’m in shape or not. The only problem is, I used to be able to come home afterwards and lay around watching football (and eating)… that won’t be an option for a few more years I think. Luckily these two are cute, so I don’t mind too much.


I’ve been training with my former high school coach for the past few weeks. Although I haven’t been able to be there in person for most of the workouts, it has been really helpful to finally have a coach again. I mean, logically I know what to do to train for a half marathon (I should hope so… I do this for a living) but having someone to report to makes me feel more accountable. I usually receive my workouts on Sundays and then try to plan out my week from there. The toughest part has been getting in my long run (with a 2 month old who needs to eat constantly and refuses to take a bottle). It’s also pretty challenging to attempt a tempo run with the double stroller, so I have to run those workouts based on effort. I’m happy with my progress so far and feel I’m getting a lot stronger, so I’m looking forward to challenging myself with some races in the next few weeks. Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!

Summer training update

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A lot has changed since my last training update

After Boilermaker, I felt pretty awful, so I took a week of easy running. Really, I had no choice because my body wasn’t cooperating. I think I only did a 10 mile long run that week and most of my runs were untimed. I averaged around 40-45 miles per week for most of June and July.

At the end of July I ran a 5k on a Tuesday night called the Memorial Scholarship 5k. It’s more of a fun run and a way to raise money for scholarships for local runners. I didn’t bother to write a recap because there isn’t much to recap. There were no mile markers so I have no idea what my mile splits were. I ran with another girl for the first mile and after that I was mostly alone with no idea how much I had left to run. My official time was 18:15, which I wasn’t too pleased with, but I was happy to feel good for most of the race. Maybe if I quit eating pizza dipped in ranch dressing I would run a little faster..


That race was the beginning of two long supercompensation weeks, which I just finished yesterday. I did an 18 mile long run the first week, and a 20 miler yesterday. I added a few double days to bring my mileage for these past two weeks up to 60 miles per week. Supercompensation weeks are just weeks where you increase volume, intensity, and the number of workouts. The payoff is a nice, relaxing recovery week.

My next race is the Strider Mile on Saturday morning, which I haven’t fully committed to yet. I’m not feeling particularly ready for a track mile, and the race is early in the morning, plus Em has swim lessons at 9 am so we would have to go straight there after the race, maybe not even cool down.

Ok, the little one is up, so I have to go retrieve her. If you have any thoughts on how I can stop my ranch dressing habit, I’d love to hear them.

Training update

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Eight weeks of training and rehab are almost complete. Here’s what my injury comeback looks like so far:

Week 1: 1 day elliptical, 4 days running, 31 miles all at an easy pace
Week 2: 2 days elliptical, 3 days running, 22 miles (first “speed” workout, 4 x mile in 6:57, 6:57, 6:49, 6:36 with 0.2 jog pushing the stroller)
Week 3: 1 day elliptical, 5 days running, 36 miles (first race, 5k 18:53)
Week 4: 1 day elliptical, 4 days running, 35 miles
Week 5: 5 days running, 45 miles (5k tempo in 20:22)
Week 6: 3 days running, 23 miles (5k race 18:23)
Week 7: 1 day elliptical, 5 days running, 41 miles (8k race 30:49)
And this week…
Week 8: 1 day elliptical, 5 days running planned for 45 miles

Yesterday I did my longest run since my injury, 11 miles on the treadmill. Although that run averaged a little under 7:30 pace, most of my runs are 8- 8:30 on flat ground pushing the stroller. When I was in NY for two weeks, 9 minute pace was a struggle running up all of those hills. Just as a point of reference, I did a 9 mile hilly run solo and averaged 7:32 feeling relaxed. A few days later I did the same run with my sister while pushing the stroller and felt like I was tempo-ing to run 8:40s. Besides the workouts mentioned above, the only other workout I did (twice) was an 8 mile run where I sprinted the sunny areas of the route and jogged the shaded areas.

Last week was (sort of) the beginning of my marathon buildup… I’m not doing anything marathon specific yet, but have increased my mileage and am starting to add in a longer mid-week run.

Here are some upcoming races:

July 4th Independence Day 5k Virginia Beach, VA
July 13th Boilermaker 15k Utica, NY
July 29th Memorial Scholarship 5k Norfolk, VA
August 16th Strider Mile Virginia Beach, VA
October 12th Mohawk Hudson River Marathon Albany, NY

I probably won’t add any more races to my schedule this summer because Emmaline has swim class on Saturdays, but I would like to find a half marathon in September.

Not much going on around here, besides tomorrow being my five year wedding anniversary!


That went by fast.

Any summer running tips you’d like to share? Do you have anything fun planned this summer?

On the road and off the grid…

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Summer is here! We took a trip to Vermont to cheer on my brother-in-law at the Vermont City Marathon and then I decided to stay with my mom so Em could spend time with her family for a few days. For some reason (let’s just say spotty wifi) I haven’t been able to keep up with what is happening on the internets. I have a few fun projects coming up and can’t wait to blog about them but that will have to wait until I get home…

Training is going well, although much slower than I would like. The hills have gotten longer and steeper, I swear. I did pace my sister to a 5k PR last week, and I had two runs without the stroller so I was able to get in some faster paced running. I have a 5k race this weekend and then it’s back to Virginia until the Boilermaker 15k in July.


I have been keeping my mileage at 25-30 miles per week and adding in some cross training to help make up for the lower mileage. I ran my first race since my injury a few weeks ago, and surprised myself by running a very relaxed 18:53 for 5k. So my goals for this weekend are to A) run sub- 18:30 and B) run sub- 18:53.

I’m starting the base phase of my marathon training after this week, so the 5k is just for fun before it’s back to serious business. I’ve been feeling really good since Boston, and am very excited for my fall marathon but trying to balance being patient. Emmaline is just trying to balance in general.


To lead into my next post… have you ever used insoles in your running shoes?

Boston Hangover

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I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! I have so much to say about this past weekend, but I’m not quite ready to write a full race recap.

Let’s start with this: I made it! I can’t believe my body and what it is capable of sometimes. Brief timeline:

February 16- Virginia is For Lovers 14k 57:40 (6:38 per mile) First real race after having Emma, felt great

February 23- 14 mile run ending in severe back/butt pain

March 7- Diagnosed with sacral stress fracture and given 2 weeks on crutches (cross trained in the pool: swimming, deep water running)

March 18- Follow-up appointment where I decided to get a second opinion, started daily cross training on elliptical and strength training

April 1- Appointment with new doctor, confirmed it was a stress reaction and given clearance to start running 

April 7- Ran 1 mile on the treadmill (very cautious, no pain)

April 9- Ran 2 miles on the treadmill (no pain)

April 12- Ran 4 miles outside (no pain)

April 17- Ran 8 miles outside (no pain)

April 19- 4 mile shakeout run with my sister in Boston

April 20- Team shakeout in Boston (4 miles)

April 21- Boston Marathon! Finished in 3:46:44 (8:38 per mile)

I haven’t blogged in awhile because I didn’t want to screw with my juju… I felt really good when I started running (although I did have some phantom pains the first week, which I’ve had experience with before). Last week I wasn’t able to run much because Emmaline was sick and I couldn’t take her to the gym, but after that 8 mile run I knew I was going to be able to finish the marathon. I’m surprised I was able to run the whole way, but I’m sure the one million spectators had something to do with that. What an unbelievable experience. I’m so grateful I was able to run the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Also, I have to say, I kind of loved that course. I might have a different opinion if I ever race Boston vs. run Boston… but I’ve always been a decent downhill runner. 

So many more stories to come!




Sixty miles.

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Sixty miles.

Let me preface this by saying that I still have a lot of work to do, but… I finally worked my way up to my first 20 miler yesterday. It took me 2:45:17 on the treadmill, which is 8:15 pace. This is a huge improvement over last weekend’s 18 miler, which was at 8:30 pace. I’m finally feeling like I can push myself and my training is really starting to come together. I also hit 60 miles last week, which was a big goal of mine for this month.

I decided (with some encouragement) to run the Virginia is For Lovers 14k this weekend. I was hesitant to commit to this race because, after a year of running races and not being capable of pushing myself at all, I wanted to make sure I was in shape enough to actually RACE. I haven’t done any speed work or tempos, so it might be ugly, but I’m ready to finally toe the line with some confidence.

Why the treadmill? Well, the roads are totally clear this week, but 20 miles takes so long to complete. If you add in travel time to the park, setting up the BOB, travel time back, etc. it all adds up to four hours. If I do my run at home, Pete is able to take care of Emmaline while I run, let her nap in her own room, feed her, and overall it’s a lot less stressful. Yes, I would love to hit the trails, but I’ll save that for warmer days and my relatively shorter long runs.

Seven things to be thankful for

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I felt like a bad ass today. Just as I started running, pushing the stroller into a headwind, my neighbor (we call him fake Jerry Garcia) shouted, “You’re crazy, woman!”

The thing is, even though it was incredibly cold and windy and I had to avoid patches of ice on the road, it’s so much easier for me to run outside than on the treadmill. Yesterday I had to split my 8-mile run into 4 miles at 9 am, then 2.5 at noon, followed by a brief break to put Emma back down after she woke up mid-nap, and then the final 1.5. Ridiculous. 

Last Monday, the 13th, Emmaline rolled over from her back to her tummy. This was very exciting until I realized that it meant we could no longer swaddle her when she slept. Emmaline does not know how to sleep without being swaddled- therefore we went from having a baby who sleeps through the night to having a baby who gets up every hour. I’ve read several books and blogs about the topic, and we’re making progress. Unfortunately it takes time to get it right, so we’re a bit sleep deprived in the Turner household. This also has made training (and recovery) more challenging than usual. 



I’m up to 45 miles per week, and now I’m running five days per week. I finally did my first legit long run on Monday, a 16 miler, which was the first one that I’ve finished feeling strong (versus feeling like a death march for the last few miles). That marathon is starting to feel like it’s within reach.

I’ll end this post by mentioning seven things I’m thankful for: 
Red wine and chocolate
My Oiselle Sherpa jacket (I was actually sweating and it was in the teens when I ran today)
Microwave popcorn
My BOB stroller
Chocolate, again
My crappy treadmill in my garage (because it’s better than missing a workout)
…And that should give you a good picture of my weekly activities

100 days…

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…until Boston!

I’m finally crawling out of the deep abyss of sleep deprivation and showering once every few days. I wish that showering part was a joke, but it’s not.

I’ve been consistently training at least four days per week and am going to add a fifth day soon. Things are a little tricky right now because Emma’s limit is about an hour in the BOB, which means I can just about get in 8 miles on weekdays. I’d like to be able to do at least one longer run during the week, and I’m hoping once we switch to having her sit upright (facing out) versus in the infant carseat adapter she’ll be able to see more and want to stay in the stroller longer. We’re going to try an easy run on Saturday and see how she likes it.

From our run yesterday... I'm going to miss being able to look at this face while I run.

From our run yesterday… I’m going to miss being able to look at this face while I run.

Here’s a short list of new and exciting things happening in our world:

First solid foods: rice cereal, oatmeal, fruits, and veggies!
Making baby food (way easier than I thought it would be)
Finally starting Emmaline on cloth diapers (New Years resolution!)
Reading about baby development (the concept of object permanence blows my mind)
Emmaline squealing and rolling over (hilarious, at least to me)
Sleep… She’s been sleeping until 8 instead of 5:30 which feels fantastic.
Finding creative ways to save money while I’m not working… It’s incredible how much money we were wasting on things we totally don’t need (cable, Whole Foods, Starbucks, etc.)
Trying to stay off social media and live in the moment… most of the time.

What are you training for this spring? Any thoughts on social media overload?

Tempo rundies day!

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Tempo rundies day!

I’ve got my tempo rundies on! Today’s workout was supposed to be a way of tricking myself into running faster when I’m not quite ready for a true tempo. I planned on doing 8 miles alternating easy miles with marathon goal pace miles. Because I was pushing the stroller for this workout, I had to modify my pace and truly run on effort. The workout was going really well until Emmaline woke up and started screaming for no good reason I could think of. She normally loves the stroller and sleeps though the whole freaking run, but of course she had to choose today to revolt. Thankfully I was near my house when it happened so I took her inside, changed her, and calmed her down. At that point I had one easy mile and one MGP mile left, but I couldn’t focus with her being upset so I just ran the last two miles as a cool down and tried to keep her calm. I finished the 8 miles in exactly 66:00 and my three “fast” miles were 7:11, 7:04, and 7:02. I suppose I could have just left Emma crying in the driveway and finished my workout, right? Um, no. So despite everything not going perfectly, I’m satisfied with my effort.

Always in our hearts

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Always in our hearts

Hard to believe it’s been a year. I’m sitting here holding my own child and I just can’t imagine going through something like that.

This morning I ran 6 miles OUTSIDE in my new shoes. I felt pretty swell until a guy passed me during my third mile (he was either wearing headphones or ear muffs, not sure). I picked it up and ran too fast for that mile, so I was hurting a little more than I should have been. I won’t elaborate because I don’t want to sound negative, but I will say that I will enjoy returning the favor of passing him when I get in better shape. Anyway, total time was 45:52. New shoes were light and comfortable and I felt strong so I’m happy!