Hartford Marathon Training: Week Two

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Week Two: Week of 7/10

Yesterday I mentioned that my last marathon training cycle didn’t go well. In all honesty, I set myself up for that. With a 2 year old and an infant at home, I was barely hanging on by a thread. Add in marathon training, work, home renovations, adjusting to northeast winters, and it all became too much.

In the last few weeks of training for Boston, I started to feel off. After the race, I realized something was actually really wrong. Although it took me awhile to figure this out, eventually I learned that I had form of post-partum depression (PPD) known as post-partum anxiety (PPA). Basically, I was having more frequent and unexplained panic attacks that would occur without warning, and it caused me to withdraw from my normal activities because I didn’t want to have a panic attack in public. And yes, it’s just as horrible as it sounds.

It took a few months to get better, and then I had a relapse this spring after weaning my second daughter from breastfeeding. You can hear more about my experience with PPA here on Lindsey Hein’s podcast, I’ll Have Another. When we recorded that episode I was coming back from that second bout with PPA.

A lot of people told me that things would get better with time, and I had a hard time believing that in the moment. I’m so used to being in control of everything. But it is absolutely true: you’re not alone, it’s not your fault, and it will get better. And I do think that it made me a much stronger, more empathetic person.

So, anyway, things are much better now. I’m happy to have running to channel my stress for sure. This week was another easy week, although I missed my long run due to travel and laziness and had to make it up the following week.

Base Week #2: 

M 6 miles treadmill (7:34/mile)

T Pilates + 4 treadmill miles (8:03/mile, supposed to be easy but wobbly legs after Pilates)

W 8 miles treadmill (7:25/mile)

Th 5 miles treadmill (7:41/mile) + Pilates mat class

F 7 hilly miles (7:43/mile)



(30 miles)

(Week one is here in case you missed it…)

One of my goals is to continue to go to Pilates class twice a week. I started taking classes at the YMCA during my running break, and I fell in love with the joy and pain that is Pilates. It works all of the muscles that I’ve been neglecting for years and my butt is actually starting to take a normal shape again. So, even though we had planned to leave for a trip to our old college town on Thursday morning, I made sure to sneak in a class that day.


I always struggle with sticking to my training when I’m traveling, so that’s something I have to work on. I did well the first day, and got up early enough to (somewhat) beat the heat. But I got lazy and slept in both weekend days.

Do you have any tips for getting in your workouts when you’re on vacation or traveling for work? 

Here are some resources that helped me when I was at my worst:

Postpartum Progress

A Cup of Jo: The Hardest Two Months of My Life

Kathy DiVincenzo’s experience with PPD

Shades of Light (*this is a local organization, but the website lists additional resources)


Here we go (again)…

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Here we go… about to embark on a new training journey. I’ve been so determined to not make the same the mistakes that led to my last injury (which was also in a Boston Marathon build up a few months post-partum), so I’ve been working on getting all the pieces in place.

Training has consisted of (mostly) easy running (about 20 miles/week) since my last update. I’ve gone to yoga classes and done some yoga and core workouts at home. I’ve also been going to the chiropractor for adjustments, which started with weekly adjustments while I was pregnant and gradually tapered down to about once/month.

More recently (in the past few weeks) I’ve started adding in some short speed work (in the form of fartleks and strides) on the treadmill. Finally this past week I hit 30 miles (sort of sad that is considered a milestone but it is).

My plan is to build up to 40 miles by the end of this month, and then I’ll begin formal training for Boston with a 16 week build up. And yes, I have hired a coach. I know it might seem weird because I am a coach with my own online coaching business, but I’ll be working with another online coach for my Boston training. There are huge benefits to having a coach and I know that I need someone to keep me accountable with how unpredictable my schedule can be. I’ve already started doing some PT exercises that he sent, mostly for hip/glute and core strength as well as stability and balance.

And… I have joined a local running team, Willow Street Athletic Club. There are some fast women on the team, and it’s going to be a great year for us- I can feel it. I have enjoyed the community of women runners I’ve met through Oiselle (and I’ll continue to be an ambassador with Oiselle), but I feel like I’ve been missing that team aspect for awhile so the opportunity comes at a good time.

I’ll have another quick blog update again soon with more details about how I’ve been fixing my post-baby hip/glute imbalances. That’s all for now!