Boston Hangover

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I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! I have so much to say about this past weekend, but I’m not quite ready to write a full race recap.

Let’s start with this: I made it! I can’t believe my body and what it is capable of sometimes. Brief timeline:

February 16- Virginia is For Lovers 14k 57:40 (6:38 per mile) First real race after having Emma, felt great

February 23- 14 mile run ending in severe back/butt pain

March 7- Diagnosed with sacral stress fracture and given 2 weeks on crutches (cross trained in the pool: swimming, deep water running)

March 18- Follow-up appointment where I decided to get a second opinion, started daily cross training on elliptical and strength training

April 1- Appointment with new doctor, confirmed it was a stress reaction and given clearance to start running 

April 7- Ran 1 mile on the treadmill (very cautious, no pain)

April 9- Ran 2 miles on the treadmill (no pain)

April 12- Ran 4 miles outside (no pain)

April 17- Ran 8 miles outside (no pain)

April 19- 4 mile shakeout run with my sister in Boston

April 20- Team shakeout in Boston (4 miles)

April 21- Boston Marathon! Finished in 3:46:44 (8:38 per mile)

I haven’t blogged in awhile because I didn’t want to screw with my juju… I felt really good when I started running (although I did have some phantom pains the first week, which I’ve had experience with before). Last week I wasn’t able to run much because Emmaline was sick and I couldn’t take her to the gym, but after that 8 mile run I knew I was going to be able to finish the marathon. I’m surprised I was able to run the whole way, but I’m sure the one million spectators had something to do with that. What an unbelievable experience. I’m so grateful I was able to run the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Also, I have to say, I kind of loved that course. I might have a different opinion if I ever race Boston vs. run Boston… but I’ve always been a decent downhill runner. 

So many more stories to come!




Good riddance.

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Dear March,

A stress fracture, stomach virus, and a sick baby all in the span of a month… really? Did you get picked on in high school?

I’ve always stood up for you. I appreciate it when you bring warmer weather, even if it’s only for a few days. I don’t mind at all when you turn around and make it snow again. And I always look forward to St. Patrick’s Day, even if I’m only a little bit Irish.

This letter serves to let you know that you have been a terrible friend. I’m going to hang out with April for awhile. I heard she’s having a big party for everyone else you’ve managed to piss off.

Good riddance.

Your (former) friend,


PS- Here are all of the awesome things April and I have planned to make up for your shortcomings:

Meeting with my new doctor… tomorrow!

New Oiselle clothes on their way to spice up trips to the gym (fast red distance shorts!)

A mini-vacation to Boston for the Boston Marathon (whether I can run it or not), meeting up with old friends and new friends (and family of course)

Easter dinner with my cousin (and world’s biggest Pearl Jam fan) and family in Watertown

Emmaline’s first trip to the beach

All around warm weather, good times, and maybe a tan for these pale stems

High, low, and everywhere in between

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The last time I checked in I was riding a motorized cart around Target. Things have drastically improved, and as you can see above I put on real clothes and acted like a semi-normal human over the weekend. Ok, they were actually running tights, but at least I didn’t wear sweatpants out to dinner.

Today I had my follow-up appointment. All of my tests came back normal; bone density, calcium, vitamin D, and hormones. My doctor also told me that I could stop using crutches but still limit my activity. Although, this was all good to hear, I’m not really feeling confident in my doctor. I don’t feel very encouraged when I visit with him, and I don’t feel that he is being proactive with my recovery plan. Actually, I’m pretty bummed out in general today.

I did have a great weekend with my family and teammates. We had our Oiselle team meetup at Shamrock this year, and I was so happy to be able to cheer for my teammates, many of whom got PRs on the flat, fast course. As always, it went by too fast and I’m looking forward to the next meetup in Boston in a few weeks. Emmaline was so excited to meet so many new faces this weekend, and she napped for almost three straight hours after my family left yesterday, which is a new PR for her as well. She has actually been talking all day long, which is a totally new thing, saying mama, Emma, and what sounds like Bella and Emmaline. I know logically that she has no idea what she’s saying but it’s still cute.

Got warrants in every city except Houston…

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Go ahead and laugh.

Yesterday Pete had to work from about 8 am until 10 pm. Normally that would be an exhausting day in itself, but add in the whole “crutching around or else face a longer recovery and experience stabbing pains in your back/butt business” and you can probably imagine the magnitude of my lethargy this morning.

This injury has been a humbling experience. I took yesterday off from cross-training, but I’m planning to go to the pool every day from now until my follow-up on March 18th. Besides that, I’ll be hanging out on my couch with my 6 month old until Friday if anyone needs me.

MRI results

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Piggyback rides for two weeks, y’all! Doctors orders. Oh, and I have a stress fracture in my sacrum.

The good news is that I caught it early so it’s more of a stress reaction. My doctor also mentioned that sacrum fractures typically heal faster than tibia stress fractures. And I get to show off my new spring running clothes on the elliptical at the gym instead of on the treadmill in my garage. No frumpy workout clothes here, no way.

I have a lot of PT ahead of me to fix my weak glutes and misaligned pelvis. My MRI also showed a slight tear in my labrum, but nothing that would require surgery. I am a little bummed about my diagnosis but am happy to finally know what’s been causing me pain and start my plan of action to fix it.

Fingers crossed that the rest of my tests (blood tests, bone density scan) come back normal. Thanks to everyone for your prayers, healing thoughts, and encouraging messages. I may be cheering for my teammates from the sidelines next weekend but there are worse things than not being able to run for a few weeks.

Question for you: What is your favorite way to cross train?

Injury update.

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This morning was strange. We are expecting a winter storm, so the sky was eerily dark and there wasn’t much traffic. I drove to my appointment alone, as Pete stayed home from work to watch the baby. It felt odd to be driving somewhere without Emma, and I had this feeling that I was forgetting something.

Well, I did forget something– my freaking wallet […way to make a good first impression]. Luckily, they were very accommodating and agreed to send me the bill. And now I will jump ahead to the good news and the bad news.

The good news is that my doctor was able to give me a diagnosis for now. My main problem is that my muscles do not fire in the correct order. I can’t remember exactly what the correct order is supposed to be, but basically I am over-compensating with some of my muscles and not engaging my booty. In addition to that, my sacrum is immobile and my pelvis is misaligned. The first issue is called “dead butt”, and the second is probably related to pregnancy.

The bad news is that he wasn’t able to completely rule out a stress fracture, so I have to treat it like one for now. I have an appointment for an MRI on Thursday, so I should know the results and have a full diagnosis within a week. My doctor gave me some glute re-training exercises and core exercises and encouraged me to cross train.

I want to thank everyone who has offered me kind words and encouragement, whether in real life, by text message, on Facebook, twitter, or blog comments. Each one has helped lift my spirits and has given me a more positive outlook. No matter what my diagnosis ultimately turns out to be, I will work hard to fix my imbalances and hopefully come back much stronger.


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It’s incredible how quickly things can turn to shit. Last Saturday I had one of those runs that I sometimes dream about, an easy recovery run where I felt weightless and my mind drifted to thoughts of running on the beach in Hawaii in the warm summer sun. I felt hopeful that PR’s were on the horizon, and I could almost feel myself crossing the finish line in Boston with the biggest smile on my face, tears of joy streaming down my face as I reunited with my family.

Sunday morning I hopped on the treadmill for a 14 miler in between getting reading for a family get-together at my house. Twelve miles in I started to feel a tightness in my lower back, and I briefly considered stopping, but with only two miles left I pressed on anyway. As soon as I finished, I knew something felt off, but I had a lot to do to get ready for company so I stupidly ignored it. By the end of the afternoon I could barely walk. The pain had shifted from a vague area in my lower back/ left hip, to a specific area I knew all too well: my piriformis, aka the most god-awful pain in my (literal) ass. F*ck.

I’ll skip the details of the next three days where I spent every waking minute over-analyzing the progress of my supposed injury. I had determined three days was a perfectly acceptable number of days to rest, so I set out on an easy run pushing Emmaline yesterday morning fully expecting everything to be fine. From the first step I knew it was not, but I kept running anyway. After two miles, I thought I’d let it warm up a little more and see if it got better. I was running a 9:30 pace, which is basically walking anyway, I thought. At four miles, I knew. This was going to be my last run for awhile. So I ran four more miles, all the while feeling the weight of my crushed running dreams and trying to hold back the tears.

I know I’m being dramatic, but anyone who has ever gone from a 100% healthy body to completely ruined overnight will sympathize. I have an appointment on Monday morning with a specialist, and I’m hoping for the best, but I’m also prepared for the possibility of shitty news.