Houston half training (weeks 7-9)

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A peek into my training for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon. In case you’re looking for more detail, I also post all of my training on Strava.

If you missed weeks 1-4  you can find those here and if you missed weeks 4-7 you can find those here

Week of 12/26… I had two workouts planned this week and those went fine. My long run was supposed to be 18 miles at a relaxed pace, but I ended up doing a long tempo at the Hangover Half Marathon at UAlbany with my teammate Hannah because that sounded more appealing than running 18 miles by myself.

Key workouts: 3 sets of 4 x 400 at 5k race pace with 10 min tempo at 5:56 between sets, 10 x 20 second strides at 5:00 pace on the treadmill, 18 mile long run with 13.1 in 1:27:50 with Hannah

Planned miles: 72 miles

Actual: 71.5 miles

Week of 1/2… Shit got bad this week. I had a planned rest day on Monday, which was kinda nice after a high mileage week. Tuesday’s easy miles went fine but Wednesday I started to feel sick so I pushed my tempo run to later in the week. Then the girls got sick (again) and the combo of ot sleeping and being sick myself just spiraled into a bad training week. With Houston only a week away I decided to take it easy rather than try to push through. Major bummer but I think I made a good choice.

Key workouts: 10 x 20 sec strides at mile race pace (5:00), 10 mile treadmill long run at a relaxed pace

Planned miles: 54 miles

Actual: 34.6 miles

Week of 1/9… Race week! We had some unseasonably warm days here so I took advantage and ran outside a few time this week. I still had some chest and sinus congestion so there were definitely some snot rockets happening. I didn’t do any of my planned workouts this week and had to take an extra rest day when Emma was feeling especially bad (she had a double infection, poor girl). We left for Houston on Friday and Sunday was race day.

Key workouts: 10 x 20 sec strides at mile race pace (4:45), short progression run (4 miles with last mile close to HMGP), Houston half marathon 1:22:54

Planned miles: 51 miles

Actual: 41.9 miles

I’ve taken the last two days completely off from running, although my body feels fine. My quads are a little sore but otherwise I feel good. I may try an easy run this afternoon. Found out yesterday that I have my first ever sinus infection, so that explains why I’ve been sick for an eternity. I’ll have more about that in my race recap later today. Hooray for antibiotics!

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