Don’t stop believing.

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Time for a quick training update. Yeah!

I ran a leg on a marathon relay in mid-February and I finished my (almost) 10 mile leg feeling exhausted. On the cool down, my mind started wandering to “um.. why the hell did I think this marathon would be a good idea” kinds of thoughts, which I pushed away quickly. But if I’m being honest, I have those thoughts almost daily.

Last weekend was my first 20 miler, which was preceded by a very hard 13-mile workout the day before. That wasn’t the initial plan, but it’s how things worked out that week. And I stupidly picked a very hilly course for this run, so the 33 miles in one weekend + hills didn’t turn out as I hoped. Finishing a 20 miler is always good for confidence though, so even though the run wasn’t GREAT, I at least left feeling slightly more positive about my fitness.

Then yesterday, I surprised myself and ran 22 (which I think ties for my longest training run) feeling strong the whole way and running 45 seconds faster per mile for the whole run. So, now that goal I’ve had to run 2:59 doesn’t seem as far off as it did a week ago.

With exactly six weeks until Boston, mentally I’m breaking it down into 4 more solid weeks and then 2 weeks of taper. I have a 4 mile race this Saturday, and then my tune up half the following weekend at Shamrock in VB.

And just because Journey is awesome, this is the kind of cheesy stuff I do to get myself motivated on a Monday…

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