Coach’s Corner: The off season

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I’m thinking of doing a little blog overhaul… maybe trying to focus in on more topical posts instead of occasionally writing about what I’ve been up to lately. My English teachers used to tell me to get rid of the first paragraph when I wrote essays because it took me awhile to get to the point. They were right.

So, it’s kind of the off season for running, or at least it used to be that way. Recently I’ve noticed a trend where runners are training for goal races throughout the year, not just spring and fall. But, it’s important to take a short break between training cycles (whether that’s now or another time of the year) and enjoy some good old fat and happy time.

And then, when you get started again with your training, wholeheartedly ready to lay it all out there and push yourself to your limits, your body is confused. What are we doing? Why do my limbs feel like jell-o?

You didn’t forget how to run. You just lost a little fitness, and probably most of that was a loss of coordination (sometimes referred to as neuromuscular fitness) and changes to your running economy. Luckily you’re not starting from zero again (hey, thanks muscle memory) and you’ll start to feel like yourself again soon. It usually only takes a few weeks for things to return to normal.

For now, though, let’s talk about your favorite things to do in the off season. I’ll go with my top 3: sleep in (yeah right like that’s happening with two little ones in the house, but a girl can dream), go on a weekend trip (so much easier to pack plus I don’t have to worry about fitting in workouts), and do it large for breakfast. I usually have to grab something quick for breakfast but when I don’t have to run in the mornings I will take full advantage of that extra time and cook eggs and pancakes or pick up some donuts as a treat.

So, what are your favorite things to do in the off season?

Coming soon… training updates, POCR news, and Boston Marathon details 🙂

2 thoughts on “Coach’s Corner: The off season

  1. Ha I definitely find myself training throughout the year I suppose…I plan to take a short break sometime soon though. I can’t wait to see what you do with your blog Mollie.

    • I have been neglecting it! Along with many other things. I have a hard time taking time off too, but you don’t have to stop running completely- more like just take it easy for a few weeks (and I think you do that) 😀

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