Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon recap

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Mile 1: 7:33
Mile 2: 7:18 (14:51)
Mile 3: 7:25 (22:17)
Mile 4: 6:59 (29:16) #ohshit
Mile 5: 7:01 (36:17) #relaxrelaxrelax
Mile 6: 7:22 (43:40)
Mile 7: 7:32 (51:12)
Mile 8: 7:32 (58:45)
Mile 9: 7:55 (1:06:41) *regroup at water stop
Mile 10: 7:38 (1:14:20)
Mile 11: 7:51 (1:22:11) #ouch
Mile 12: 8:14 (1:30:26) (thinks: should I just walk?)
Mile 13: 7:36 (1:38:02) #igotthis
Last 0.1: 0:46 (1:38:48)

I started writing an actual recap, then Emma got up mid-nap to hand me her hair clip and my post disappeared. So you can thank her for sparing us all the boring, overly dramatic details. I went out too fast, then I slowed down, then I got a ton of energy in the last mile and managed to pick it up for the last 1.1 miles.


Thank goodness for Shower Pill- I was able to do a quick wipedown after my race and feed Natalie immediately. She usually eats every 2 hours during the day, so I didn’t want to keep her waiting but also wanted to make sure I was free of any germs I may have picked up in the porta potties or finish line area. I was happy to share the ShowerPill love with some other runners in the awards area after the race as well. Use code WIPEDOWN for 15% off at

Both kids are up now, so that’s all I’ve got! Feeling good!

6 thoughts on “Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon recap

  1. nice to see the mile splits…not too bad on the even part, not quite the negative splits we wanted, the last mile and 0.1 is a great sign of things to come! You’re on your way Mollie. Stockade/ TTT?

  2. notice mile 1, 7,8,10, and 13 are all very nicely bunched. What was your final average pace? got a little frisky mile 2-6 (feeling your old self!) paid the price mile 9, 11 and 12 but actually a nicely paced race!! sorry for the double comment!

    • 7:33 average- yeah I was running with another woman in the beginning and she started picking it up and I didn’t want to slow down… I wish I was able to hold back like we talked about. I will learn eventually!

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