Crossings 5k recap

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Three weekends, three races, and finally I’m feeling a little more like myself.

This past Sunday I ran a 5k in Colonie. I chose this race because there were kids races and activities and it looked like a fun fall activity for the family. The weather was gorgeous- a little warm for running purposes but perfect for spectators and kiddos to enjoy the day.

My warm up was a jog to the start line plus a little more, maybe a half mile total. So, when the race started I felt sluggish and slow, but I managed to find a pace that felt ok and stuck with it. My first mile was around 6:30, and I came through the two mile point at 13:06 (so a 6:36, yay math). I was struggling at this point but then realized “hey, you’re not sucking!” I knew I only had a mile left, and though part of me really wanted to stop and walk, the other part of me saw a woman up ahead who I could catch and that kept me going. So with about 1/4 mile left I summoned whatever fast twitch muscle fibers I could and was able to catch her and cross the line in 2nd place. My overall time was 20:30, so I did slow a little in the third mile (I didn’t take splits during the race, but guessing the last mile was around 6:42). Still a trend of getting slower each mile, but not nearly as dramatic as the 5k I ran 2 weeks ago.

Afterwards I met up with my family and got Emmaline ready for her race. She was really into it this time and ran almost the entire 1/4 mile by herself.

Running with Emmaline in the beginning of the kids race.

Running with Emmaline in the beginning of the kids race.

The last kids race she participated in was about the same distance around a baseball field and she got scared by the mascot so we had to carry her most of the way. (He scared me too).

All done!

All done!

So, what’s next? We’re doing a “biketoberfest” next weekend to raise money for ALS research, and taking a break from races for the week. Then the following week is the Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon! I’m feeling a lot better about being able to complete the distance. Althogh my mileage is low, I did finally get in a longer run last weekend and am hoping to get in one more sometime this week. I recently joined Strava- if you want to follow my training as I attempt to come back from baby #2, here’s the link to my workout from today: workout šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Crossings 5k recap

  1. Get at least a ten miler in this weekend for some confidence. don’t know if you can meet us, but we are doing the last 6 miles of the race Saturday at 8 am (meeting at McD’s in Watervliet)! ~ Mark

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