Double Race Recap

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Oh, boy.

I’m back racing.

Start line of Malta 5k during National Anthem. I am all the way on the right, in the neon yellow/green shirt.

Start line of Malta 5k during National Anthem. I am all the way on the right, in the neon yellow/green shirt.

10 weeks after having Natalie I ran a small 5k in Malta, NY. I crossed the line in 21:44 and finished 2nd in my age group. It did not feel great or easy. It was also an exercise in how NOT to run a 5k: Mile 1 6:30, Mile 2 7:00, Mile 3 7:30. Yes, I almost walked up a hill in the 3rd mile but talked myself out of it… mostly because I knew it would be hard to start running again once I stopped.

I was able to run a one mile warm up. Most of my warm up time was taken up by feeding Nat, changing diapers, dashing to the porta potty, etc., but I expected this so it was okay. I didn’t do a cool down because I felt pretty bad, so Pete and I walked around the bike path while Emma did some running of her own.

This past weekend I ran a “4 mile” trail race in Kinderhook, NY. The race was even smaller than the 5k the previous weekend, with maybe 50 people crossing the finish line. It started and finished at the home of former US president Martin Van Buren, a native of Kinderhook. Side note: did you know that some history buffs have credited his campaign for popularizing the term “ok”, an abbreviation for Old Kinderhook?

Pre-race selfie... not sure what I was smirking at.

Pre-race selfie… not sure what I was smirking at.

I’ve run a few trail races, and so I expected that the advertised distance was merely a suggestion. Turns out the race was more like 3.5 miles, which was great news to me. I felt a lot better during this race even though the course was much harder, mostly because I ran more evenly. I crossed the line as second woman in 27:00, and my sister finished about 30 seconds ahead of me in first. I wasn’t able to warm up at all- still having to balance my time with Natalie’s need to eat constantly, but of course that’s perfectly fine and something I expected! I felt a lot better after this race, and was able to run a short cool down.

After the Malta 5k I went back and read my race recap from my first race after Emmaline (the 2013 Bertie 5k in North Carolina). It was a lot cooler that day, and the course was much easier (and it was a race I was familiar with) so I guess it’s hard to compare- but I ran a similar time. I remember being so overwhelmed at that race, just trying to figure out how to warm up and get everything else done. I was used to getting to races an hour ahead of time and going through the same routine I had done for years. It pays to have already gone through that, because now I’m much more laid back about sticking to a schedule.

I have another race this weekend, a week off, and then the Mohawk Hudson River half marathon on October 11th. The weather is gorgeous here, and the leaves are starting to turn, which means it’s marathon season for many of my friends and the runners that I coach. Can’t wait to watch some great races this fall!

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