Cinco de Mayo (and April winners)

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Cinco de Mayo without margaritas is like… the saddest holiday. But, I’ve made it through once and I’ll make it again. Guess I’ll just have to make up for it with some extra guacamole.

Emmaline is saying… “outside”… she always wants to go outside. It’s fun trying to type with a toddler on your lap.

So, how am I celebrating Cinco de Mayo? First, I’m headed to my first ever appointment with a chiropractor. These extra 25 lbs have been doing a number on my lower back and sacrum lately, and with my history of that sacral stress reaction last year, I don’t want to take any risks.

Next, I’m going to take Emmaline and Bella for a walk. My workouts have been a little scattered, but most afternoons I’ve been able to at least walk 2-2.5 miles. I’ve had a few decent (but short) runs lately, but I’ve learned to be flexible and just do what feels comfortable. We have HUGE hills in my neighborhood, so I’m usually okay to run the flatter sections and walk the very steep uphill/downhill sections. My neighbors probably think I’m crazy. I’ve gotten a few comments like, “Wow, you really have your hands full!” since my daily workouts involve pushing a stroller and hanging onto a dog leash, and Bella is constantly pulling me in different directions.

And finally, I’m going to make a Mexican feast that I found on Pinterest (that will likely not turn out as perfect as the photos, but there’s no harm in trying). I won’t be drinking a margarita but I’ve already put in a request for one when we get home from the hospital. Only 7 and a half (yes, I’m counting halves) weeks until my due date!

Here are the winners for my April Giveaway!
Multi-function Eye Cream- Anne MacKay
Amp MD Roller System- Joanne Pasquale
Microdermabrasion Paste- Kristyn Suarez
Essentials Body Lotion- Anita Qualter

I’ve already sent the winners notifications- congratulations!!

So tell me… what are you doing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

2 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo (and April winners)

  1. I did the chiro with preg #2 too and found it so helpful. Also after to just get back into alignment after the birth, everything was so loosy goosey. I found a guy that was a mix of chiro, massage and other therapy and it was so nice to just go lie on a table in a calm quiet place for an hour and let him do his work. Best of luck with these last few weeks/months!!

    • Thanks Tessa! I feel a little better already… I totally don’t want a repeat stress fracture so I’m trying to be more proactive about getting everything in alignment (and then working on strengthening my core instead of being lazy). Massage sounds good right now 🙂

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