Shamrock 8k Recap

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Phew! What a whirlwind of a weekend. Let me quickly (ha) recap my race and some other things that happened this weekend.

Our travel was delayed by a few unforseen circumstances (including snow, what was the heck was that about?)… We arrived at our hotel in Virginia Beach at 12:30 am. The kids (Emma and my niece Mia) promptly woke up from sound sleep and started chasing one another around the room, so needless to say we didn’t get much sleep that night (sorry to whomever was in the room below us- we really tried to get them to calm down).

I woke up around 6 the next morning, but I guess that wasn’t enough time… because I looked at my watch thinking I had plenty of time and did a double-take when I read 7:15 already. I scarfed down as much of a Picky Bar as I could and pushed Pete out the door at 7:25, which left us 20 minutes before the scheduled start time of our race. Unfortunately we were staying on 6th street and the starting line was on 30th street, almost 2 miles away. Pete had to eat breakfast while running, and I was doing my best waddle-shuffle, frantically checking my watch at every street to see if we were going to make it. Luckily we did make it with a few minutes to spare, but it was a close one!

My original goal had been to run around 7 minute pace for the 8k, but with the travel and lack of sleep and accounting for pregnancy-related factors I adjusted my goal to somewhere between 7 and 7:30 pace (around 35-38 minutes for the 5 miles). In the beginning I did my best to relax, but there were a LOT of people around me bobbing and weaving. I was concentrating more on not being tripped than on my actual pace. I came through the first mile around 6:45, and I was surprised to run that “fast” and still feel pretty good. I made a conscious effort during the second mile to just maintain my pace and kept repeating “relax, relax” to myself in my head. The second mile was around 7 minutes.

Somewhere in the first mile- I'm in the orange (pop) arm warmers. Photo courtesy of Jen B.

Somewhere in the first mile- I’m in the orange (pop) arm warmers. Photo courtesy of Jen B.

At this point we had run two miles in the direction of our hotel and were rounding first street to head up the boardwalk toward the start/finish area. I got squeezed from the outside by another runner, which happens sometimes in road races, but I suppose the guy on my inside felt I was encroaching on his space so he actually THREW me and elbow and attempted to push me hard away from him AND hold his arm out to maintain his space. I, of course, gave him some lip service and sort of pointed out “hey, preggers here” but he ignored me! Then I turned my head and stared at him and asked him if he heard me, to which he finally responded “yes”. Then I took off and never saw him again. I was shocked that someone would act like that in the mid-pack of the race. People are usually supportive of one another and don’t show such poor sportsmanship. I feel a little bad for probably embarrassing him because I’m sure he didn’t know I was pregnant when he threw me a ‘bow, but I had to look out for myself and the baby. Ok, moving on.

Miles 3 and 4 were on the boardwalk with a slight headwind. I ran both miles around 7 minutes and felt pretty good. I passed a lot of runners on the boardwalk but there were a lot of people noticeably slowing down, likely from starting out too fast.

On the boardwalk nearing 4 miles. Photo by Jen B. again.

On the boardwalk nearing 4 miles. Photo by Jen B. again.

We then turned off the boardwalk to the left and ran up the parallel street, Atlantic Ave, for a half mile. I decided to try and pick it up at this point, mainly because I felt good and also because I had to pee and just wanted to get it over with. We turned once more to the right and back onto the boardwalk in the opposite direction. Finally I could see the finish line (isn’t that the best?) I ran my last mile a little quicker, around a 6:45, and crossed the line in 34:20, averaging a little under 7 minutes per mile. I think the flat course and extra blood volume helped my time a bit.

The Shamrock 8k was a fun race, and one of my favorite race distances. But the highlight of the weekend was Emma’s first race! She ran the Leprechaun Dash later that morning along with her cousin Mia. They separate the kids into age groups for each year, ages 1-5. It is the cutest thing!

Emmaline was very excited about her race number (and they printed the kids' names on them too)!

Emmaline was very excited about her race number (and they printed the kids’ names on them too)!

So they all lined up and the announcer told them to “Go!” Emma did such a good job running straight for that finish line. I cried a little bit when we crossed the line, thinking about all of the races she has ahead of her and all of the other fun things she will get to experience. I know it’s silly, but I was so proud of her.

Shamrock 3

Shamrock 2

Emma got her medal, which she wore all day and refused to take off. We stayed by the finish to watch Mia run her race. She is getting so fast! Then the kids ran around and giggled the two miles back to the hotel.

This is where I imagine Emma is explaining to Mia what happened in her race...

This is where I imagine Emma is explaining to Mia what happened in her race…

That’s about it. We got in late last night and I had an appointment this morning- 26 week check up and glucose challenge. Yum. Fingers crossed that I pass this time, because I failed by a few points when I was pregnant with Emma and would prefer not to go through the 3 hour test again. I did things a little differently this time so I’m hoping my research pays off!

6 thoughts on “Shamrock 8k Recap

  1. It sounds like you had a decent time despite all of the circumstances. I cannot believe about the snow…how crazy was that? I’m just glad it didn’t in VA…I was sad not to see you but we will eventually be reunited again.

    • I did much better than I expected… the extra blood volume does help you feel better during the race! I was so upset I didn’t get to see you- we were staying too far away from the start/finish area- poor planning on my part. Glad you had a good race too 🙂

  2. I give you so much credit for not losing it on that guy. First of all, that’s ridiculous race etiquette in any situation. Rubbings racing, at least that’s what I tell my girls. Let alone when you have a baby on board. Congrats on an awesome race, glad you’re still able to get out there and kick butt!

    • Thank you! I thought it was a bit aggressive on his part- usually if someone bumps into me I assume it was an accident, but you never know what was going through that guy’s head! It was fun despite that moment 🙂

  3. shamrock is one of my favorite race weekends. the kids races are so much fun to watch! i didn’t run this year, but woke up to the sound of marathon music. sorry you had a run in with a rude dude!

    • Thanks! It is one of my favorite races too- I can’t wait until next year when I can finally race the half marathon and partake in the celebration afterwards 🙂

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