Making plans…

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The past few months have been full of surprises.

Two pink lines. Our house selling and moving to NY. Starting a new job.

Finding a new house!!! Or not. Ok, finding another new house!!! We thought we found the house we wanted, but someone had already made an offer on it. We were supposed to travel to Virginia for New Years, but since I got sick we stayed here and ended up finding another house- and making an offer!

With so much up in the air recently, I’ve been trying to take control of the few things I can plan out for now.

House plans

Taking Pinterest by storm. I have so many ideas of what I want to do, and being pregnant isn’t really helping. Last time I only had to focus on Emma’s nursery and a few other small details in our house. Now I have an entire house to remodel and decorate.

Meal plans

I’ve been working on getting back into the habit of planning meals for the week. I like cooking, but the process of planning and then shopping for ingredients is one of my least favorite things to do. I signed up for Blue Apron after a reading a few sponsored blog posts and reviews about it. Our first shipment comes this Tuesday and I’m more excited about it than I probably should be. I like that you can check out the menus ahead of time and pick the ones you want.

Race plans

This part isn’t nearly as important as it usually would be. I still enjoy races even if I’m not able to push myself to the limit. I have a few races on my calendar for now:

February 1st- Winter Series #5 race at UAlbany (4 miles)

February 15th- Winter Marathon Relay (I think I’ve decided to scratch this one, only because it’s a bit long and I know I’m going to have to stop a few times- bladder pressure is constant issue)

March 21st- Shamrock 8k

I’m also tentatively planning to run a 5k on Mother’s Day and maybe the OK 5k at the beginning of June. Things get a little iffy in the last few weeks of pregnancy, so I’m just keeping those races in mind for now, and I’ll decide as it gets closer.

Do you have any fun races on your calendar for the rest of the winter/ early spring?

I’ve had this blog post in my drafts folder for awhile, and February seemed like it was so far away at the time… but today is the last day of January! One more month of winter AND daylight savings is on March 8th, which always seems to make spring seem much closer…

2 thoughts on “Making plans…

  1. I can’t believe how much you’ve had going on the last few months. It’s all exciting stuff though.

    I want to start decorating my house but I honestly don’t even know where to begin LOL…I’ll probably just wait until after the wedding.

    • I’m more concerned with a few remodeling projects first (mainly the kitchen and knocking down a few walls). You should definitely wait until after the wedding. I think it’s impossible to focus on anything else when you have such a big event coming up!

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