Turkey Trot recap and more

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Sleep is wonderful.

I say this after a week of Emma being sick and getting 2-3 hours of sleep every night. Luckily she is doing much better and is back to her happy self.

One of my favorite things about having a toddler is an excuse to eat the other half of the box of mac and cheese.

Mmm.. lunch

Mmm.. lunch

When Emma isn’t feeling well, she doesn’t nap well either… therefore my Turkey Trot recap is a little late. It’s hard to justify taking an hour to write a blog post when your kid is crying and sneezing and in need of snuggles. Anyway, here’s a quick breakdown of our Thanksgiving tradition:

If you live anywhere on the east coast, you might recall that we got a pretty bad snow storm on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.

I took this photo when the snow had just started to fall. We got anywhere from 8-12 inches by Thursday morning.

I took this photo when the snow had just started to fall. We got anywhere from 8-12 inches by Thursday morning.

Luckily the snow tapered off by the early morning hours, but we were still unsure if the race would be cancelled. The storm had knocked out cable and internet, and since we’re temporarily staying with my mom (and she happens to live in a black hole for cell service) it was not easy to keep track of updates. But somehow… after about 5 minutes of waiting for the page to load on Thanksgiving morning… I read that the race was ON!

The roads getting to the race were okay, but it took us much longer than usual to get there safely. Traversing through the slushy streets while pushing/ carrying the stroller took some careful choreography. Thank you steeplechase for giving my the confidence to hurdle large puddles. My feet managed to stay dry until the race.

We didn’t have much time to warm up before the race started, so we left the kids with my parents and got started. By the time we finished, there was just enough time to take off some layers and get to the start.

"We need a pre-race picture!" I was in the middle of putting on my gloves here... we're all like, gah!

“We need a pre-race picture!” I was in the middle of putting on my gloves here… we’re all like, gah!

So, we’re huddled in next to two people dressed like bacon and behind one of the worst smelling dudes ever. Finally the race goes off and I immediately feel terrible. I was in front for the first 400 meters or so, but that was only because I started in front (was I supposed to line up BEHIND the bacon?!)… In the next half mile or so, five women passed me. I tried to keep them within my sights and forget that I felt bad.

First mile: 6:00 (not ideal, but not horrible)

The course is an out and back, which is my favorite type of course for a 5k. Somewhere between the mile marker and the turnaround, I passed two women, so I was in fourth. A little after that, one of the women caught back up to me, and we ran together for awhile. We exchanged some friendly words of encouragement that I don’t recall in detail.

Second mile: 5:45 (11:45 total clock time)

I passed the second mile marker (*which is completely unreliable because every year it says I run a super fast second mile, and horribly slow third mile, so I’ve decided that the markers are off) and started to push a little harder. I was now running alone in fourth place, but I passed several men in that third mile so that kept me going. I didn’t feel great, but I was confident that I could still run a solid 18:30 if I kept passing people and running hard. Then I saw two women up ahead, and was a little bummed that I wouldn’t be able to make up that much ground in the last half mile.

Third mile: 6:xx (18:20-something)

The end of the race goes around in almost a complete circle and then turns right down the final straight away where you can see the finish line. When I passed the third mile marker we had just turned onto that final street and I saw that my goal of 18:30 wasn’t going to happen today. Then, I realized “Sh!T” (I frequently curse to myself during races, but usually it’s only in my head) I’m not even going to get under 19. So I hauled it across the line, and luckily got in just under 19 in 18:59 officially. Small consolation, but I’ll take it.

My sister Steph and I (pictured above in the pre-race photo) won the sister-sister division for the second year in a row.

Are you running any holiday-themed races? I’m running a 5k next Saturday the 20th called the Holiday Classic 5k. I’m thinking of dressing festively for this one!

I just looked up from my feverish typing and realized it’s seriously snowing right now. I need to unpack my treadmill… we’re in for a long winter.

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7 thoughts on “Turkey Trot recap and more

  1. I agree about the second mile mile…I went 9:15, then 8:15 (no way!) then 9:15 again…oh well i was happy with a seasonal pr of 27 something as I was barely making it into the 29’s (from ABOVE, not below) all year! Have a nice Holiday, Mollie! ~mARK

    • Thanks! I agree, I always see photos of my friends’ kids and think the same thing. I feel like she just turned one, and that was over 3 months ago 🙂

    • You’re sweet… I’m not that disappointed in the time, just disappointed that I didn’t feel great. Merry Merry back atcha!

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