Winter running, part one.

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Technically it’s still fall, but according to the thermostat it’s freaking winter already. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to think about how to dress for cold weather running, so I’m working on getting used to that. So far, I’ve been overdressed almost every time I go out. For example, today:

Before. Way too many layers.

Before. Way too many layers.

It was about 32 degrees when I ran and I wore: a tank, a long sleeve with thumbholes, a very thick fleece jacket, and a windbreaker-type running jacket on top. On bottom, I wore a pair of long tights (Go Joggings, which are extra long and cover the ankles). I also wore a scarf, wool headband, hat, and gloves. After about a mile (which is almost completely uphill and takes me ten minutes on a good day), I stopped to take off the fleece jacket and scarf I was wearing. Luckily I was pushing the stroller so I had a place to store my extra layers. I ended up keeping everything else on for the rest of my run, which was only six miles today. So I ended the run like this:

After. Perfect layering for the weather.

After. Perfect layering for the weather.

I kept both the headband and hat on because my ears get cold if I only wear a hat, and my head gets cold if I only wear a headband. I know there are winter running hats that have ear flaps, and I will probably have to invest in at least one of those this winter. Anyway, I’ve decided to start recording what I wear and the temperature/ conditions for each of my runs in my training log until I can get it right. If you’ve been hustling through the winter for years, this probably isn’t necessary. But if you’re new to running or haven’t trained in the great white north in awhile, it might be worth the extra effort. Emma made the trip with me today in hooded fuzzy pajamas, a hooded North Face snow suit that also covers her hands and feet, a blanket, a quilt, and the weatherprooof BOB cover. I think that combo will work for temps in the low 30s. I haven’t taken her out in temps much colder than that, but the treadmill is always an option for very cold, snowy days.

Warm and cozy.

Warm and cozy.

4 thoughts on “Winter running, part one.

    • Which has nothing to do with the post I suppose, haha. I’m sure the VA weather to NY weather is a huge shock. I know it always was for me too (and this weather in general has been a shock).

      • Thank you! I hadn’t done anything to it in three years, so it was time for an update.

        I think as long as I can figure out how to dress it won’t be awful. It’s not like I live in Buffalo and have 18 feet of snow. Those people are effed!

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