Summer training update

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A lot has changed since my last training update

After Boilermaker, I felt pretty awful, so I took a week of easy running. Really, I had no choice because my body wasn’t cooperating. I think I only did a 10 mile long run that week and most of my runs were untimed. I averaged around 40-45 miles per week for most of June and July.

At the end of July I ran a 5k on a Tuesday night called the Memorial Scholarship 5k. It’s more of a fun run and a way to raise money for scholarships for local runners. I didn’t bother to write a recap because there isn’t much to recap. There were no mile markers so I have no idea what my mile splits were. I ran with another girl for the first mile and after that I was mostly alone with no idea how much I had left to run. My official time was 18:15, which I wasn’t too pleased with, but I was happy to feel good for most of the race. Maybe if I quit eating pizza dipped in ranch dressing I would run a little faster..


That race was the beginning of two long supercompensation weeks, which I just finished yesterday. I did an 18 mile long run the first week, and a 20 miler yesterday. I added a few double days to bring my mileage for these past two weeks up to 60 miles per week. Supercompensation weeks are just weeks where you increase volume, intensity, and the number of workouts. The payoff is a nice, relaxing recovery week.

My next race is the Strider Mile on Saturday morning, which I haven’t fully committed to yet. I’m not feeling particularly ready for a track mile, and the race is early in the morning, plus Em has swim lessons at 9 am so we would have to go straight there after the race, maybe not even cool down.

Ok, the little one is up, so I have to go retrieve her. If you have any thoughts on how I can stop my ranch dressing habit, I’d love to hear them.

6 thoughts on “Summer training update

  1. Haha, ranch is so hard to quit from what I hear. I think it’s “ok” but I’m not an addict like many. One of my high school friends says she would love to drink it straight out of the bottle!

    Nice work on the supercompensation weeks and listening to your body!!

  2. Life would be no fun without ranch dressing. Never give it up! Congrats again on the Memorial 5K. I honestly think it’s a tough course to run very fast on. There are so many winding and sharp turns that you’re constantly adjusting. You did awesome!! I am debating running my long run Saturday and stopping at the Strider mile to watch (not running it though) so maybe I’ll see you there!

  3. I agree that it is very twisty. It was hard to get into a rhythm. I will probably never give up any food, especially ranch. Also sour cream. But I do eat pretty well most of the time. Hope to see you Saturday!


    I was just going to text you and ask. I’ll see you on Saturday.

    I’m sorry the month of July wasn’t the best for you but nice job on the two high volume weeks. Hopefully this week relaxes and you do well at the mile. I’ll watch from behind….hopefully no kids get in your way.

    • I’m glad someone is excited about the strider mile… I am thinking I will just line up in the absolute front. Although that’s basically what I did for the Scholarship 5k and I still got cut off by two kids. If they were normal-sized people I would just push through them, but I’m afraid of knocking a little tyke over.

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