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Eight weeks of training and rehab are almost complete. Here’s what my injury comeback looks like so far:

Week 1: 1 day elliptical, 4 days running, 31 miles all at an easy pace
Week 2: 2 days elliptical, 3 days running, 22 miles (first “speed” workout, 4 x mile in 6:57, 6:57, 6:49, 6:36 with 0.2 jog pushing the stroller)
Week 3: 1 day elliptical, 5 days running, 36 miles (first race, 5k 18:53)
Week 4: 1 day elliptical, 4 days running, 35 miles
Week 5: 5 days running, 45 miles (5k tempo in 20:22)
Week 6: 3 days running, 23 miles (5k race 18:23)
Week 7: 1 day elliptical, 5 days running, 41 miles (8k race 30:49)
And this week…
Week 8: 1 day elliptical, 5 days running planned for 45 miles

Yesterday I did my longest run since my injury, 11 miles on the treadmill. Although that run averaged a little under 7:30 pace, most of my runs are 8- 8:30 on flat ground pushing the stroller. When I was in NY for two weeks, 9 minute pace was a struggle running up all of those hills. Just as a point of reference, I did a 9 mile hilly run solo and averaged 7:32 feeling relaxed. A few days later I did the same run with my sister while pushing the stroller and felt like I was tempo-ing to run 8:40s. Besides the workouts mentioned above, the only other workout I did (twice) was an 8 mile run where I sprinted the sunny areas of the route and jogged the shaded areas.

Last week was (sort of) the beginning of my marathon buildup… I’m not doing anything marathon specific yet, but have increased my mileage and am starting to add in a longer mid-week run.

Here are some upcoming races:

July 4th Independence Day 5k Virginia Beach, VA
July 13th Boilermaker 15k Utica, NY
July 29th Memorial Scholarship 5k Norfolk, VA
August 16th Strider Mile Virginia Beach, VA
October 12th Mohawk Hudson River Marathon Albany, NY

I probably won’t add any more races to my schedule this summer because Emmaline has swim class on Saturdays, but I would like to find a half marathon in September.

Not much going on around here, besides tomorrow being my five year wedding anniversary!


That went by fast.

Any summer running tips you’d like to share? Do you have anything fun planned this summer?

11 thoughts on “Training update

  1. I’m running Mohawk Hudson too (provided I survive the heat and humidity)! Looking forward to following along with someone else on the same schedule.

    • Yay! I keep thinking about how rough it was to train through the summer before, but I know we can do it. I kind of have to ignore my pace right now and just run. It’s nearly impossible for me to hit my paces in this heat.

      • I’ve started lying to myself and setting my range for very slow, even for heat. When I exceed it, I’m happy and not beating myself up!

  2. YAY for Boilermaker.

    On another note, I’m glad your comeback and training is so successful right now. I have no doubts that your full marathon is going to be fantastic. I think I’m doing the Lehigh Valley half in September. There is the Phillr RnR which would actually be perfect timing for your full.

  3. Loved seeing you at CHKD and can’t wait to race with you again at the Memorial 5K. Wishing you lots of speedy luck for Boilermaker!

    • Thank you, Kris! I am a little scared of racing that far right now because I’m not the best with pacing long distances, but we’ll see what happens. Memorial 5k will be fun (and prob hot)!

  4. Hi – sorry, I am a new reader of your blog. But I noticed you ran the Boston Marathon. Did you take time off of running completely after the marathon? I think the timing works out that your Week 1 post injury was a week or two weeks after Boston? I’m asking b/c I’m injured now (got through Boston okay but felt pain in the achilles the SECOND I crossed the finish line) and was wondering how much to start up with again, mileage-wise, once it stops hurting WHEN I start running again 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi Amanda! I took a week off from running completely, and did one very lazy 60 min elliptical session. Week one would have started the Monday after Boston. I can’t really say how much you should start off with (without knowing a million more details), but just in general I’d go for 2-3 quality runs per week and make your recovery days cross training days. Then you can gradually add in more running days as the weeks progress. Good luck! My sister swears by Graston sessions with her chiro, and that’s something else to consider!

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