OK 5k (18:23) and currexSole RUNPRO

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It’s been a little over a week since I returned from my two weeks in New York with my family. While I was there, I ran my second race since my injury, the OK 5k, in Kinderhook, NY. I have run this race several times (and still hold the course record), and it’s one of my favorites for several reasons. My dad is a sponsor, the lead vehicle is driven by a good family friend of ours, and Kinderhook is a nice historical town to race in. One of the reasons I like to run the OK 5k is the course- it’s flat, and fast, and is laid out perfectly. It starts in the center of town and you run straight down the road for one mile to the apple orchard. Then you turn left and run straight down a back road for another mile. You turn left and run straight for the third mile, and then finally left onto the main road for the last tenth of a mile. I like that you can see each of the mile markers so you know where you are in the race at all times.


For this year’s race, I woke up around 6:30 and fed Emma breakfast. I unfortunately did not have time to get myself ready, but managed to brush my hair in the car and locate most of my race gear. I didn’t have time to look for my watch, and didn’t get to eat much besides half of a bagel, but we got to Kinderhook in one piece and with enough time to warm up. I wasn’t too worried about my watch because I’ve run plenty of races without one, but I was concerned that I might be dehydrated. I had only brought one bottle of water with me and it was almost empty by the time I finished my warm up. And it was unusually hot and sunny for the race this year.

The gun went off at 9:00 am, and from the start I felt a little off. I found myself in a group of women somewhere around a half mile into the race, so I just relaxed and tried to stay with them until the mile marker. Fortunately there was someone reading splits at the mile, which I came through in 6:00. At that point I felt pretty good, and I always try to push the second mile of a 5k if I can, so I left the group I had been running in and started pressing forward. The race ahead of me was fairly strung out, but I was able to pass several people in that second mile and I came through two miles in 11:52. With only a mile left, I was running in no woman’s land, but I still kept pressing. I saw a woman pretty far ahead as well as a few men. I was able to pass a few more runners in the final mile, but couldn’t quite catch up to the woman ahead of me, so I settled for fourth in 18:23.

So, let’s talk about feet.

Mine always hurt. I can tolerate wearing shoes for about an hour, and then after that I have this urge to just take them off. After a run or a race, it’s the first thing I want to do, and I know I’m not alone. I was introduced to a new type of insole, currexSole RUNPRO insoles, a few months ago.

photo 2

OK, so I know you probably have the same beliefs about insoles that I previously held- they’re stiff, heavy, uncomfortable, and they’re going to leave me with blisters. Plus, I tend toward more minimal running shoes, and I was worried they would alter my stride or feel awkward. The thing is, these insoles are completely new to the United States. I was so pleasantly surprised when I started running in them at the end of April.

photo 3

So here’s the rundown: currexSole insoles are made in Germany, and the Europeans have a much different view on insoles. These are made to move with your feet instead of trying to force them to move in a certain way, which is exactly how all of the major shoe companies are designing their shoes to perform these days. They have several different models of insoles. I run in the RUNPRO HIGH version because of my high arches (you can check out the sizing process here). I have been testing them for almost two months and I no longer have that achy feeling my feet after I run (although I do miss my nightly foot massages). My injury comeback has been very smooth, thanks in part to changing up my strength routine, adding in some cross training, and taking good care of my feet.

photo 4

Disclaimer: currexSole gave me this product to review. Regardless, I only recommend products I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

3 thoughts on “OK 5k (18:23) and currexSole RUNPRO

  1. First, nice comeback 5k.

    Second, I’ve actually always been curious about insoles. Occasionally my feet will go numb from shoes but I always thought it was from a shoe not fitting well. Maybe I’ll buy some and see where it goes from there.

    • I have had that numbness problem, too. It happened to me during my last marathon. I haven’t tried the insoles in my race shoes yet, but I am going to try them out on one of my marathon pace long runs this summer.

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