Good riddance.

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Dear March,

A stress fracture, stomach virus, and a sick baby all in the span of a month… really? Did you get picked on in high school?

I’ve always stood up for you. I appreciate it when you bring warmer weather, even if it’s only for a few days. I don’t mind at all when you turn around and make it snow again. And I always look forward to St. Patrick’s Day, even if I’m only a little bit Irish.

This letter serves to let you know that you have been a terrible friend. I’m going to hang out with April for awhile. I heard she’s having a big party for everyone else you’ve managed to piss off.

Good riddance.

Your (former) friend,


PS- Here are all of the awesome things April and I have planned to make up for your shortcomings:

Meeting with my new doctor… tomorrow!

New Oiselle clothes on their way to spice up trips to the gym (fast red distance shorts!)

A mini-vacation to Boston for the Boston Marathon (whether I can run it or not), meeting up with old friends and new friends (and family of course)

Easter dinner with my cousin (and world’s biggest Pearl Jam fan) and family in Watertown

Emmaline’s first trip to the beach

All around warm weather, good times, and maybe a tan for these pale stems

4 thoughts on “Good riddance.

  1. I feel the same way about March this year!! Definitely looking forward to April too. I hope April brings some better days for you!

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