MRI results

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Piggyback rides for two weeks, y’all! Doctors orders. Oh, and I have a stress fracture in my sacrum.

The good news is that I caught it early so it’s more of a stress reaction. My doctor also mentioned that sacrum fractures typically heal faster than tibia stress fractures. And I get to show off my new spring running clothes on the elliptical at the gym instead of on the treadmill in my garage. No frumpy workout clothes here, no way.

I have a lot of PT ahead of me to fix my weak glutes and misaligned pelvis. My MRI also showed a slight tear in my labrum, but nothing that would require surgery. I am a little bummed about my diagnosis but am happy to finally know what’s been causing me pain and start my plan of action to fix it.

Fingers crossed that the rest of my tests (blood tests, bone density scan) come back normal. Thanks to everyone for your prayers, healing thoughts, and encouraging messages. I may be cheering for my teammates from the sidelines next weekend but there are worse things than not being able to run for a few weeks.

Question for you: What is your favorite way to cross train?

2 thoughts on “MRI results

  1. Wow. I’m glad you caught it so early. How is this possible? Makes me wonder if I’ve ever been misdiagnosed. I never had a MRI when I’ve had piriformis syndrome. Do they think it’s related to your recent child birth? I’m very curious.

    • I don’t know! I still have pain in my piriformis. The lower back part isn’t even that bad. I’m sure people have stress fractures all the time without knowing it… I didn’t know I had one the first time (until after it healed).

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