VIFL 14k race report

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VIFL 14k race report

Last weekend I ran the Virginia is For Lovers 14k in Virginia Beach. So, how did it go? Let me break it down:

I went through the 5k 10 seconds faster than I raced a 5k at the Troy Turkey Trot in November. I didn’t take mile splits, but my first mile was 6:39 and I averaged 6:39 for the race so I’d say I ran pretty evenly. From 5k to the finish not one runner passed me, and I ran down two women in the last 3 miles (one with about a half mile to go). I felt GOOD, maybe too good. I’ve made this my goal pace for Shamrock which will give me a 1:27 half marathon if I can hold that pace for 4 more miles. I think I can do it with another month of training (especially with how far I’ve come in the past month).

The best part of the race was having my teammates out there with me, and because there were a few turnarounds we got to see each other and cheer for each other (and exchange a few side fives of course). Thank you Hollie and Steph, I couldn’t have done it without you!

4 thoughts on “VIFL 14k race report

  1. It was so great to see you! I am hoping to run about the same pace for Shamrock too! Maybe we will run together. I had such a great time seeing you though I wish it was longer!

    Anyways I am glad you had a great race!

    • Thanks Hollie! We’ll see about Shamrock. I think I would honestly be happy to break 1:30, but I have no clue what I’ll be capable of in a few weeks. I think 1:27 is possible, maybe even faster if I’m feeling good. Congrats on your race too 🙂

  2. Awesome, Mollie! Congrats again! So happy to hear how great you felt and you look really fierce in that pic! I’m thinking you’ll surprise yourself at Shamrock! I’m running a 10 miler this weekend and hope I can run smart and steady like you! My pacing is still really off so who knows what will happen! Keep up the great work!!

    • Thanks Jen. I’m working on my pacing because I almost always go out at 5k race pace no matter the distance, so it’s a big goal of mine to learn to pace longer races properly. Good luck with your race this weekend! You’ll do great!

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