Shamrock Stories (just for fun)

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There are only 75 days until Boston, and training is finally starting to resemble something blog-worthy. After three weeks of 50-plus miles, I’m beginning to feel like I’ll actually be able to race the marathon instead of just aiming to finish. December was rough, but I sucked it up and got my butt moving. January was about building consistency. Now I can focus on building mileage in February and adding in some speed work before my first race in March, the Shamrock Half Marathon.

18 miles on the treadmill this past weekend (don't be fooled by the display)

18 miles on the treadmill this past weekend (don’t be fooled by the display)

Here’s a short history of my experiences at Shamrock, just for fun:

My first Shamrock was 2009. I decided I wanted to race, but the half marathon was full. So I did what any fool would do, and signed up for the marathon. I had not run a step since Thanksgiving when I signed up in February, so I did a 3 hour run one weekend and called it a day. I believe I ran a 3:42 and could barely walk for the following week.

The next year was 2010 and Pete and I signed up for the half marathon in time (I had learned my lesson). My sister Steph and brother-in-law Brandon came down and ran the race as well. Zero out of the four of us trained that winter (continuing the trend of no running from Thanksgiving to St. Patrick’s Day). I don’t know what was wrong with us. I ran a 1:36 or 1:37 and then drank far too many beers in the party tent afterwards. They used to hand out tickets (which they don’t do anymore), and people who didn’t want to drink would give their tickets away. Steph and I took advantage.

In 2011 we ran the half marathon again, and did not train again. I think I ran around 1:30, but I had to actually call in sick the next day because I pulled a muscle in my back. I don’t know how I ran any faster than the previous year, but I think it was because I had some residual fitness from the fall. After that experience, I realized either a) I was getting old, or b) it would probably be a good idea to train for a half marathon like a normal person.

In 2012 I started the marathon, but I DNF’ed. That’s a long story. Well, actually it’s not. I was in really good shape, but had a bunch of random health problems that year. I think it’s funny that the year I actually trained, I wasn’t able to finish. And by funny, I mean pathetic.

In 2013, I ran the 8k. I was 17 weeks pregnant with Emma, and I had been doing a little running, but mostly I was just eating and laying around feeling nauseous. Pete ran the race with me and we finished in a blazing time of 36:23.

I have high hopes for Shamrock this year, since it’s the first year I’m healthy and somewhat trained. I’ll try to run a little faster so I can see this face at the finish line.


2 thoughts on “Shamrock Stories (just for fun)

  1. And this year we can run side by side holding hands and frolicking. I do hope you have a good time that you want though. Do you have a goal time yet?

    I didn’t know you DNFed 2012. (I just went and read that post) I was actually there too coming off an injury and doing the half.

    • Yes! I will enjoy that. I would be thrilled to run under 1:30. I ran 1:30:00 at the Patrick Henry Half as a marathon pace workout in 2011. All of my other half marathons have been untrained, so I really don’t know how to race one yet. We’ll see.

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