Seven things to be thankful for

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I felt like a bad ass today. Just as I started running, pushing the stroller into a headwind, my neighbor (we call him fake Jerry Garcia) shouted, “You’re crazy, woman!”

The thing is, even though it was incredibly cold and windy and I had to avoid patches of ice on the road, it’s so much easier for me to run outside than on the treadmill. Yesterday I had to split my 8-mile run into 4 miles at 9 am, then 2.5 at noon, followed by a brief break to put Emma back down after she woke up mid-nap, and then the final 1.5. Ridiculous. 

Last Monday, the 13th, Emmaline rolled over from her back to her tummy. This was very exciting until I realized that it meant we could no longer swaddle her when she slept. Emmaline does not know how to sleep without being swaddled- therefore we went from having a baby who sleeps through the night to having a baby who gets up every hour. I’ve read several books and blogs about the topic, and we’re making progress. Unfortunately it takes time to get it right, so we’re a bit sleep deprived in the Turner household. This also has made training (and recovery) more challenging than usual. 



I’m up to 45 miles per week, and now I’m running five days per week. I finally did my first legit long run on Monday, a 16 miler, which was the first one that I’ve finished feeling strong (versus feeling like a death march for the last few miles). That marathon is starting to feel like it’s within reach.

I’ll end this post by mentioning seven things I’m thankful for: 
Red wine and chocolate
My Oiselle Sherpa jacket (I was actually sweating and it was in the teens when I ran today)
Microwave popcorn
My BOB stroller
Chocolate, again
My crappy treadmill in my garage (because it’s better than missing a workout)
…And that should give you a good picture of my weekly activities

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