Tempo rundies day!

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Tempo rundies day!

I’ve got my tempo rundies on! Today’s workout was supposed to be a way of tricking myself into running faster when I’m not quite ready for a true tempo. I planned on doing 8 miles alternating easy miles with marathon goal pace miles. Because I was pushing the stroller for this workout, I had to modify my pace and truly run on effort. The workout was going really well until Emmaline woke up and started screaming for no good reason I could think of. She normally loves the stroller and sleeps though the whole freaking run, but of course she had to choose today to revolt. Thankfully I was near my house when it happened so I took her inside, changed her, and calmed her down. At that point I had one easy mile and one MGP mile left, but I couldn’t focus with her being upset so I just ran the last two miles as a cool down and tried to keep her calm. I finished the 8 miles in exactly 66:00 and my three “fast” miles were 7:11, 7:04, and 7:02. I suppose I could have just left Emma crying in the driveway and finished my workout, right? Um, no. So despite everything not going perfectly, I’m satisfied with my effort.

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