Trial and error

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Another day, another run on the treadmill. I was aiming for between 3 and 5 miles, but Emmaline woke up just as I was finishing 4 miles. I warmed up for one lap and then did the rest of the run at 8.0 mph (a little different than how I ran yesterday, varying my pace every lap). Total time was 31:26 for 4 miles.

This is all becoming trial and error, but it’s working out better than I had hoped this week. I admit I was curious so I started reading up on Wonder Weeks because I kept hearing about it so much. I downloaded an app for it a few weeks ago, and now we’re at the beginning of a big development jump, which basically means that Emma wants to stay up and play instead of nap. She’s still sleeping well at night so I’m not officially complaining, it just poses a challenge during the day when I’m trying to get things crossed off my enormous to-do list.



Also, I have managed to NOT do any self-gifting this year, which takes a lot of self control!

How is your Holiday To-Do List coming along?

4 thoughts on “Trial and error

  1. Yay! Another run!! Getting the nap thing figured out takes a lot of time & persistence, but it is so worth it in the end! I love Mia’s 3 hour naps!! I’m proud of you for not self-gifting!! (I haven’t yet, either!!) p.s My to-do list is kicking my butt 😦

    • Thanks Steph… Can’t wait for those 3 hour naps. And I’ve turned my self-gifting problems into just buying stuff for the baby 🙂

  2. Nice job and I’m glad you are starting to get back into running.

    I wish I could say I haven’t done any self giving this year….but I should probably get Christmas presents for everyone else now ha ha.

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