The first day.

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The first day.

Day one is a success! I managed to squeeze in a 4 mile treadmill run in 32:50 while Emmaline napped. It’s raining today so a stroller run was not an option. We’re working on crib naps and extending nap times, so I will hopefully have at least two opportunities for short runs during the day if it rains. We’re also working on tummy time, as seen here! I read that babies are supposed to be up to 90 minutes of tummy time by three months, so we have some work to do. Hope everyone is having a good day!

2 thoughts on “The first day.

  1. Yay! First day down! And you have a plan – setting up for success! Yes!

    I wouldn’t stress too much about the tummy time. Currie never liked it so I counted any time she wasn’t laying down on her back as tummy time (like if I was holding her and she had to support her own neck to look around) and she got strong fast! Was crawling and walking really early. I think you are doing awesome with both new parenthood and adjusting back to running!

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