I quit.

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If you’re reading this, then maybe you’re wondering if I’ve lost my athletic edge.

It’s sort of true at the moment, but if I’m being completely honest, well, I’m okay with it. I’m taking my time to adapt and get back in shape.

I’m tired. I ran the Troy Turkey Trot 5k last week, and I haven’t run a step since then. I was kind of disappointed with how I felt during the race, which I determined was a mix of feeling weak and being just plain cold. We tried warming up, but it was pointless trying to warm up outside so we jogged in place inside the Best Western for a few minutes, then stood at the starting line huddled together for 10 minutes. I don’t know exactly how cold it was, maybe 20, but with the wind chill it felt like zero. I’ve never raced with a jacket on (you can see the evidence below, Steph and I are both wearing our Mac jackets). I also proudly sported my wool headband from NCAA’s in 2001. My time was 20:50, well off my goal to run under 20 mins. When I finished, my thoughts were: 1) that sucked, 2) I did not sweat at all, and 3) my hands and feet are completely frozen. We walked back to the atrium where my family was waiting with our kids, and eventually my fingers thawed out. I really think that was the coldest I’ve ever been. End of complaints.

Screenshot of Steph and me at the start of the 2013 Troy Turkey Trot

Screenshot of Steph and me at the start of the 2013 Troy Turkey Trot

I do have some positives to report. The title of this post does not refer to running. Although I have wanted to quit running many times, it will never quit me. I am taking the rest of this year easy, and will start Boston training in January. I did, however, quit my job. Technically I didn’t quit, but it sounds much more exciting than the reality which is that I put in for a leave of absence for the rest of the year.

Hmm.. What else?

Stephanie and I won the sister-sister division, which made us both pretty happy. We were only a few seconds ahead of the second place team so I’m glad I held it together in the last mile. I actually had that thought towards the end, that I needed to finish strong for our team effort, and I had a total flashback to high school cross country.

Run streak is over. I almost made it through November, but I enjoy my days off way to much so I knew it wouldn’t last. It was a fun challenge for the short term, though.

No dessert streak is over. I’m still hovering around 130-133 lbs, but I’m not trying to lose any more weight for now. I like chocolate and it likes me. Again, I think it was a good challenge for me to switch up my eating habits temporarily.

Emmaline turned three months over the weekend, so I earned my bronze award for breastfeeding. You can google that if you’re interested. It feels like more of an accomplishment than when I ran 16:03 for the 5k, and I’m so serious about that.

Some questions for you…

Did you run a Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving? What do you do to stay motivated during the winter months? How do you feel about the run streak, yay or nay?

9 thoughts on “I quit.

  1. First, I’m glad to hear that you have left the job for good. I’m glad you guys won the sister sister competition.

    I hate the cold and I hate the wind more. When I ran last week and pulled my muscle it was like 23 degrees and windy. There was nothing enjoyable about it. Since I have absolutely no knowledge of babies and boob awards I googled it and got a good laugh. Nice achievements. Also never give up on dessert streaking. I could go for some Broken Egg dessert right now.

    • Glad you appreciated the boob awards. It’s definitely TMI and would have grossed me out before I had a kid, but now it seems totally normal. Sorry you pulled a muscle last week… I believe I pulled all of my muscles if it makes you feel better.

  2. i ran a turkey trot (aptly named the gooble wobble) and never warmed up either. although i averaged 11:00 pace, which explains why i didn’t break a sweat. all the extra weight does slow you down! i cannot wait to run free and feel light and airy again…please tell me it does eventually happen?!?!

    • Haha it does! First run back felt amazing! After that I felt pretty awful for a few weeks (although there were some days where I felt great). I started trying to push my pace and ended up hurting my back but it healed quickly and I’ve strong since then. I’m three months post-partum and up to about 45 miles per week (except for this week). I run a lot slower than I did before, but a lot of that is due to stroller running. Keep at it, Kristy, it makes things a lot better after the baby is here 🙂

  3. Love the boogie award! It is so true after breastfeeding 3 it is one of the hardest things, and you do feel very accomplished doing it!! Also, so true no one ever really can tell you how hard it really can be. Good luck on earning future award, lol.

    • Haha thanks Beth! I’m shooting for at least a year, hopefully 18 months. It’s exhausting sometimes. I need to remember to take my vitamins and eat more!

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