Nine Days

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Nine Days

Bella is enjoying her last few days of being an “only child”. According to my pregnancy app, baby should make her appearance in about 9 days (give or take), which is hard to believe. My doctor does not want me to go past 41 weeks, so that means baby will definitely be here in 16 days, but for some reason lately I’ve been feeling like she might actually come on time.

I’ve been running or run/walking 4 miles almost every day this month. Today I ran the full 4 miles and felt pretty darn good. Of course, this is all relative as I probably average 10 or 11 min miles, but it feels much faster than that.

A few other fun things I learned at my doctor appointment yesterday. The baby has a lot of hair (who knew you could see that on an ultrasound), I could see her practicing her “breathing”, and she’s in the perfect position for delivery already. High five, baby Turner!

6 thoughts on “Nine Days

  1. I can’t believe how close it is but also how many miles you have recorded while pregnant. It’s seriously awesome.

  2. Congrats on being so close! I have friends in similar boats (Going back to work next week and being SO close to their due date!), and YOU CAN DO IT! Your running is amazing, you’re truly my hero.

    • Yesterday was my first day “back” at work and everyone was all, “what are you doing here?” Oh well, at least I only have to suffer through four more days of meetings before maternity leave starts. Thanks Kristin!

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