In a funk…

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Sort of. More like, I’m kind of over being pregnant. I miss running. I’m nervous about the pain of labor.

We went to the beach this weekend and the weather was perfect. It had been so oppressive for the past two weeks, that I had barely been outside. Thankfully we got a break in the weather and the weekend was gorgeous.

I know I probably look uncomfortable here, but I promise you I was extremely relaxed.

I know I probably look uncomfortable here, but I promise you I was extremely relaxed.

I had trouble sleeping on Friday night and woke up kind of early. When I let Bella out at 6 am, I noticed how cool it was outside and decided to take her for a run. It had been almost a month since my last run on land, but I took it easy and we ended up going 6 miles!

I’m going to try to run at least once or twice per week until the baby is born, and the rest of my workouts will be in the pool. I’ve been going to the pool 3-4 times per week for about an hour, mostly water running but I have done a few actual swimming workouts just to mix it up.

Yesterday I cleaned out my closet and stored most of my maternity clothes. I haven’t brought in all of my old clothes yet (a lot of them are in storage above our garage), but just looking at some of my normal clothes without elastic waistbands got me excited.

I have also been thinking a lot about what races I will be doing this fall and winter. My biggest goal for the rest of 2013, though, is to get back to running consistently and increasing my training volume. I know exactly what I need to do in order to make this next year a good one, and I already have some big ideas and plans set into motion.

On that note, I need to get to the pool.

oiselle at pool

4 thoughts on “In a funk…

  1. I can imagine how stressful it is since you are due so soon. It’s so inspirational how much you still go out and run in the water or land and I am so excited to go to Broken Egg with you in a week. 🙂

  2. I spent so long being worried about the pain of labor and then…I ended up needing a C-section anyway, and nothing about that was too terrible (well, except the slower recovery). Good luck!

    • I know it’s ridiculous to worry about it… The baby has to come out one way or another so there’s no point in worrying! I’ll probably regret saying this later, but I am also kind of looking forward to the pain (in a sense) just because I’m curious to find out what it will be like!

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