The countdown is on…

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The countdown is on...

Countdown until last day of school= 10 days
Countdown until baby= 86 days

May was a pretty good running month! I have to say that when I pictured my activity level months ago and what I would be able to do, I definitely didn’t see a 21 minute 5k and 10 mile runs happening. I figured I’d be doing 3 mile runs at most by now. The weather has been on my side this spring (although lately it’s been stifling).
As of last week, baby and I are officially in the third trimester! I ran a total of 89 miles this month, with 4 10 mile long runs, and several 5-6 mile runs on other days. I was hoping to hit 100 miles, but the recent heat turned some of my runs into walks or rest days. Thankfully school is almost done, so I’ll be able to run a few miles in the mornings for most of the summer instead of having to wait until after work.
More detailed post to come on how everything else is going in life (besides running). Pete and I are headed to NY this weekend for my last pregnant race, the OK 5k!

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