One + one = three

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One + one = three

In case you didn’t hear the news, we’re expecting a mini Turner in August! I made Pete “race” the Shamrock 8k with me this past weekend and we ran it in 36:23. My damn shoe came untied in the last mile and I decided to tie it. Then afterwards I was mad for stopping because I would have been under 36 minutes. Then I got mad at myself for caring because 35 minutes isn’t fast either, and (anyway…) I’m 16 weeks pregnant. Geez.

Since there isn’t a lot out there for pregnant runners, I promise to share details about how my “training” has been going. Some of it has been good (especially lately), and some of it has been ugly.

Also, Shamrock was a success for Piece of Cake Running! We had four runners in the half marathon and all four PR’ed. They also got their money’s worth at the beer tent afterwards (we like to celebrate at Piece of Cake)…