Buon Anno!

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Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better [wo]man. – Benjamin Franklin

Did you know that less than 50% of Americans make New Years resolutions? That can’t be right. I have a feeling that some people just didn’t want to admit their resolutions because, according to the same poll, most people break them within two weeks. Weak. I have resolutions, I’ll admit it. I won’t tell you what they are, though. Not yet.

Which brings me to my next point. 2012 was the year of illnesses. I thought I had it all figured out this time last year. After hibernating for most of my twenties, I decided to finally get off my ass and start training again. I ran my first real marathon in October 2011, a decent 3:05, and joined Oiselle at the end of the year. I also signed up for a local spring marathon with the goal of running in the 2:50’s. I had visions of a spring track season, and maybe even a steeplechase.

NCAA Final 2002 in Baton Rouge, LA. I was 4th in 9:56.07.

NCAA Final 2002 in Baton Rouge, LA. I was 4th in 9:56.07.

I saw 16:00s in my future for the 5k again. I wrote this post on January 1, 2012 thinking that everything was going to work out as I imagined it.

I ran a 17:39 5k at the end of January, a step in the right direction. Training was going well. Then I got sick. Strangely sick. My blood pressure was going crazy, and I felt faint for no reason. I went to my doctor, I took time off. I caught a cold that would not go away. My second marathon was a DNF. Finally my doctor called me with a diagnosis: Factor V Leiden, a blood clotting disorder. I took some time off from training because I needed it.

Thankfully I have teammates who encouraged me to get back into training. I took a trip to Eugene for the Olympic Trials and got motivated again. And of course, because 2012 was a bitch, I started training in the heat of summer and ran headfirst into my ugly friend anemia again. Bloody hell!

I called it a year at the end of the summer. In September I jumped into an 8 mile trail race for fun, and began to fantasize about a winter marathon, found the Three Bridges Marathon in nearby Charlottesville, and decided to go for it. I had exactly eight weeks of training, and knew that it would require early morning treadmill runs due to my work schedule. I sucked it up and got in the miles until I caught another bitch of a virus in early November. Which turned into this:

Pneumonia. Fantastic.

Pneumonia. Fantastic.

Somehow I pulled out a win, but not in the time I had been hoping for at the beginning of the year. However… I know I’m being too hard on myself. It’s been a rough year.

So… back to my resolutions. This year is all about consistency in my training. I don’t have any key races, besides Boston, which I plan to train for but in a smart way and with more of a fun approach. If I run fast, great. But my main goal is to enjoy the experience, get to know the course, and meet some Oiselles. By Boston 2014, I hope to be back in decent shape again, and I also plan to be back on the track. Not sure about the steeple, but definitely some 1500s and 5ks again.

My other resolution is to run joyfully and to be grateful for what I have. Yes, 2012 sucked the big one but there were some pretty decent highlights and lessons learned. I hope this time next year that I have an excellent report to share on 2013.

Happy New Year, everyone!

What are your resolutions? Any brags or regrets you’d like to share from 2012? Will you be in Boston in 2013 or 2014?

4 thoughts on “Buon Anno!

  1. I hope this year is a healthy one for you! So awesome that you’ll run Boston (’14). If Chicago goes well for me this fall, then I think I’ll run Boston ’15… which seems like forever away. We shall see! I wrote about my non-resolutions (goals) today, too. Let’s hope that 2013 is lucky for both of us!

    • Thanks Laura! That does seem far away, but it’ll go by fast I’m sure (always does). Hope it’s a lucky ’13 for you too!

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