On the road…

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On the road...

This week has been all about early morning treadmill runs and surviving the last few sugar-filled school days before Christmas. Running felt great this week, and I am 100% recovered from the marathon + ready to start off 2013 with a fast 5k on New Years Day.

Today starts with an early morning run and a long trip to NY by car. So… if you see two weirdos on the New Jersey Turnpike having an end-of-the-world dance party in their Jeep, that will be us!

How are you celebrating the end of the world? Even better, how did you celebrate the end of the world on New Years Eve 1999?

2 thoughts on “On the road…

  1. I celebrated the end of the world last night by getting my booty in bed by nine and reading “Apocolypse Law” for a bit. I’m so wild like that but it was end of the world relating…sorta. We celebrated New Years Eve 1999 in Times Square….totally insane and fun and crazier than last night for me :). Have a safe trip! Lets run together when you get back!

    • Looks like we made it, lol… How’s that book? I need book recommendations since Christmas is the only time I have to read!

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