Surf-n-Santa 10 miler

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Surf-n-Santa 10 miler

Another quickie post here! I ran a 10 mile race this morning in Virginia Beach just for fun. How did I do with my goals? Well…
1. I was supposed to run my first mile in 7:00, figure out how I was feeling, and try to run the last mile fast. My actual first mile: 6:09. Whoopsie. I felt great, but tried to take it easy after that. I actually stopped at three of the water stops to take in some fluids as well as some relaxing breaths. My 5k was 20:xx, my 10k was 41:xx, and my last mile was 6:3x. Not sure about the other splits, but my final time was 67:47 officially and I was 8th.

2. I planned on drinking a few beers, but only got one down. I’m out of drinking shape.

3. Lisa ran a PR and the longest race of her life. She only started running last year, and I’m super proud of her. We had a good time hanging out after the race and taking stupid pictures. But we behaved ourselves, of course.

Easy running planned for this week, and I’m 99% sure I’m done with racing in 2012. My next race will probably be New Years Day. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

4 thoughts on “Surf-n-Santa 10 miler

  1. Sounds like you had a great time!!! I’m doing a 9miler in the spring, no santa, but def gorgeous views along the ocean!

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