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Hey friends! I’ve recently decided to take this blogging thing seriously once and for all, so I thought I’d share with you how to find some other great bloggers.

Bloggers write on real paper too sometimes...

Bloggers write on real paper too sometimes…

Lately I’ve written a few posts about Believe I Am and Sisters In Sport, which is essentially a collection of awe-inspiring ladies trying to achieve their dreams. This is a must-read post from one of the co-founders, Olympian Ro McGettigan, whom I actually competed against in the steeplechase back in college.

You probably know the other co-founder, another incredible athlete who just announced her pregnancy on her blog. No, Kate Middleton does not have a blog. I’m referring to the brilliant and talented pro runner, Lauren Fleshman.

Meeting Lauren Fleshman at the Totally Trials party this summer.

Meeting Lauren Fleshman at the Totally Trials party this summer.

So, without further ado (dang, my English teacher always told me not to use cliche’ phrases but I couldn’t resist), here are the rest of the Sisters in Sport bloggers:

Sarah Boone @SarahOUaL
Laura Williams @girlsgonesporty
Larissa Milano @LMilanoFitness
Jessica Hofheimer @paceofme
Jen Bigham @jenbigham
Laura Schwecherl @lschwech
Jocelyn Bonneau @enthusiasticrun
Jennifer Hudy @winetoweights
Nicole Bobco @mast2mar
Morgan Sjogren @mohosjo
Jennifer Love @jenngwenlove
Sarah MacKay @oiselle_mac
Meggie Smith @mbsthinks
Bethany Jo Lee @bethanyjolee
Lisa Luth @runfastmama
Dorothy Beal @mileposts
Kaitlin Gregg @RunnerKG


9 thoughts on “Sisters In Sport

  1. Very cool! How did you get hooked up with Sisters in Sport? I have the Believe I Am journal and love it (although it’s not getting much action while I’m pregnant…) I’ve already got my post-baby workouts planned and can’t wait to put the pen to the paper again.

    • Hmmm… Good question. SMACK media and @mohosjo put the whole thing together. What a great idea, huh? I’m so glad I started my BIA journal last year, it’s amazing what a difference it has made. I’m excited for you Laura, and I know you’ll be back in shape and stronger than ever after the baby is born!

  2. Thanks for the blog shout out! I totally need to put all the sisters in sport down on my final post at least since we are all part of this journal journey together!

    And yes I saw Lauren’s baby tweet 🙂 and then read her post, so excited for her!!!

    • I know…I was a little slow out of the gate on this but at least it’s done. I just got my new BIA journal and I’m excited to start a new year of it!

    • The high school graduating classes of 2031 and 2032 are going to be quite competitive with all these pro runners gettin’ busy!

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