rabbit, rabbit!

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It’s marathon eve! I woke up early this morning full of anticipation for tomorrow’s race. Last night I dreamed that I was running in a race and all of sudden we had to shimmy across long rope to get to the other side of a river. Huge relief when I woke up and found out that was a dream. Rope climbing was not my forte in gym class.

I’m still feeling good about my race tomorrow. I keep modifying my race plan in my head. At first, I was thinking I should start off very conservative with 7:20- 7:30 miles, but now I’m considering just going for it with 7:10s for the first 8 miles and then dropping it down after that. That was my plan for my first one last year and it worked well (although I had a much longer marathon build up). Oh, it would be so nice to get a PR, but I don’t want to be greedy. If only I had set the bar a little lower for myself when I was younger… but that’s not how I roll.

At my first “real” marathon in October 2011 where I set my PR of 3:05…

Well I need to go run my 4 mile shakeout and get packing for Charlottesville. If you’re looking for live tracking for the Three Bridges Marathon, well that’s not happening at this retro race. You can find the results here after the race. Pete will be live tweeting for me during the race from @PieceofCakeRun and @PeteCTurner (I keep telling him his twitter handle is lame but he won’t change it). Also, business is ramping up at Piece of Cake Running, and I’m really excited to coach this great group of runners. Coaching and reading training journals from our clients is the best form of motivation. I hope to make you all proud this weekend.

What are your racing plans for the rest of 2012? Do you jump out of bed and exclaim “rabbit, rabbit!” on the first of every month? Any last minute words of marathon wisdom?

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    • Thanks! I was thinking of you and all of our Oiselle teammates during the race… I wish you could have been there, but I’ll see you in Boston!

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