Goals (revised)

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I’ve learned a hugh-jass lesson this month… I am in control of nothing. My perfectly-planned 8 week training plan is out the window at this point, and I’m at the mercy of the running Gods.

My illness of unnamed origin turned out to be a virus (not a simple cold) and, despite early medical intevention, turned into a case of bronchitis and early stages of pneumonia. I found that out last Friday mainly because I thought I was suffocating and decided to go to Urgent Care for some help. Mess. Absolute mess.

After a round of steroids, I am starting to feel better and am pretty sure I will be able to finish my marathon in a week and a half. My time goal is basically nonexistent, though. I am considering not even wearing  a watch. I need some help revising my goals so I can stay positive during the race. Stay tuned (I’m up for suggestions).

But… first up is the Troy Turkey Trot on Thursday. Last year I finished 4th with a time of 18:12, and although I usually place in the top three I’m not really sure what will happen this year. Two things I do know: it will be cold (as usual) and crowded (for sure) but this is the first year in awhile that I have no idea what time I am capable of.

Ever run a marathon without a watch? Got a guess for what time I’ll run at the Turkey Trot? What are you up to for Turkey Day this year?

4 thoughts on “Goals (revised)

  1. I have never run a race without a watch, but I’m thinking I should try it some time. Since your training went off the rails, I think you should run without your watch for this one. Just get through the race, don’t worry about your splits. You never know, it could be a good one for you. No guess for your Turkey Trot time. Our family is going to make our own Turkey Trot. Too expensive to sign up for our local one. My husband’s brother and his wife are coming to visit with their 4 kids, so we will have a total of 11! I am designing our own bibs, and we will get everyone out Thursday morning trotting, whether they like it or not!!

    • That’s such a fun idea to have your own turkey trot! Thanks for the advice on the marathon, I’ll definitely consider it. I think it would be cool to go completely in the opposite direction of the GPS watch-obsessed marathoners and run completely on how I feel. I might even do that for the turkey trot tomorrow too…

  2. Hey, life threw you a curve, glad you are rolling with it! I have no guess on your time but I bet you will enjoy it with no time goal!
    I’m Turkey Trotting, 5 miler on Thanksgiving!

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