Crunch time.

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I am so happy because I finally finished all of the work I had this week and met my deadline. Taking Monday off set me back in a big way, both at work and with recovery from my long run on Sunday. Here’s how my week went:

Monday- rest
Tuesday-12 miles on the treadmill
Wednesday- 8 miles on the treadmill and strides
Thursday- 8 miles on the treadmill (see a theme here?)
Friday- 6 miles on the treadmill and travel to New York
Saturday- rest (lots of walking around the city)
Sunday- 20 miles

Total: 54 miles

Treadmill distance PR! Thanks to Nuun for keeping me hydrated.

I found out at some point (I think on Wednesday) that my 5k was cancelled, so I decided to run before work on Friday. I had also planned to do a long run with some of my Oiselle teammates on Sunday, but because of the storm they were not able to make it. So I made tentative plans to run with different teammates on Saturday. Then… the marathon got cancelled anyway. Since Saturday was my mom’s birthday, we chose to spend the day in Manhattan and then head to Albany for the rest of the weekend.

Manhattan skyline, 43rd floor of the Hilton New York

Birthday lunch for mom at Carmine’s.

And then we hit up Magnolia for some cupcakes. The pumpkin one was soooo good.

Since we were in Albany, I had the good fortune of having a place to do a long run. We decided to make a family run of it, so to make it fair for everyone I offered to push my niece in her stroller while Steph and Brandon did their long run and Pete biked and ran some of it as well. Holy crap. Anybody who runs with a stroller on a regular basis, I bow down to you. I did 15 miles pushing that stroller up some gigantic hills, and Pete kept me company on the bike for the remaining 5. I managed to average 8:13 for entire run, which is slower than I would usually run but I would say equal to about 7:30- 7:45 per mile. I actually felt really good for the last few miles, and overall I was very encouraged by this run.

Steph and I post-long run. Steph just became a part of Oiselle Team!

Travel home was pretty rough, and we didn’t get back until midnight on Monday. I got four hours of sleep before I was scheduled to run 12 miles on the teadmill. I felt awful. I only made it 6 miles, and it was reeeeeally slow. Wednesday morning I made attempt #2 and felt even worse so I went back to sleep. Thursday was a little better, so I ran an easy 6 again (and wore my Oiselle “Easy 6” Rundies). This morning I intended to just do another 6 and it didn’t happen. I’ve been a complete mess this week just trying to get a load of work done and squeezing in my runs even though I feel horrible.

150 students x 8 assignments = 1200 grades PLUS 150 exams. But I do love my job.

Last night I realized I might be coming down with something so that’s part of the reason I didn’t run this morning. The good news is that the rest of my body is recovering well. I wasn’t very sore after my long run, just tired, and it was my first 20 miler since February. That hamstring issue cleared up after I did an amazing yoga session, and it hasn’t bothered me since. Even with some minor setbacks, I think I’m ready for a good race in two and a half weeks (edit: three and a half weeks… my brain is mush).

In case you were wondering, my sister and brother-in-law (Steph and Brandon) decided to come down this weekend and run the Norfolk Freedom Marathon. They are offering a discount to displaced New York City Marathoners, and since I had already registered for the half, it works out perfectly. I also finally mailed in my entry form for the Three Bridges Marathon on December 2nd. Yes, mailed it in. There is no online registration for this race and it is limited to 150 participants. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Where are you racing this weekend? Any fun races for the holiday season? 2012 is almost over… did you meet your goals for the year?

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