One down, seven to go…

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Well, week one went better than planned…

I had 47 miles planned for this week including a 5k race and a 16 mile long run. Now maybe it makes more sense to ease into a marathon training plan, but I was ready to get after it this week. I ended up hitting 50 miles with an extra 3 mile shakeout on Saturday morning.

The race started off really bad. I thought the race time was 5:30pm but found out it started at 5:00pm while checking my email on the way to the race. It all worked out well because I hopped out of the Jeep at 4:30 and started my warm up while my husband parked and picked up my packet. No time before the race to get nervous= no problem!

Normally I go out fast in a 5k because I want to get a good time, but there was a prize purse and $300 watch waiting at the finish line for the first to cross it… so I managed to hold back for the first mile. I didn’t check my watch at all during the race (why did I even start it?) but I believe the mile split was 6:15- 6:20. I started to get antsy when we passed by the finish line for the first time, and although I originally planned to wait until 1 mile to go, I decided to just go for it.

Just before the halfway point.

Loving the new Oiselle kit, even from behind.

Luckily it worked out and I finished first, with a relatively slow (for me) time of 19:19.

The payoff. Sweet!

After the race, my father-in-law took us out for beers and food at Gordon Biersch. I made sure to down some water as well, especially with a long run the next morning. I ate a fresh mozzarella pizza and some of Pete’s kobe beef burger which was flipping fantastic! I can’t believe I used to be a vegetarian, what was I thinking?

Sunday’s run went very well. I did 16 at an average pace of 7:41 and used the Map My Run app for the first time ever. It was very helpful because after every mile it tells you your pace, so I was able to make sure I didn’t speed up too much at the end. I felt really good and probably would have gone faster, but I need to be careful not to over-do it after three months of gluttony and laziness.

Remember my goal of staying injury-free? So far so good… I have some core and yoga planned for tonight and am only a little sore after yesterday. A part of me really missed that blissed-out post-long run soreness and insatiable hunger. Is that okay, or does that mean there’s something wrong with me?

Anyone else secretly enjoy that achy feeling after a long run or race? Any tips for staying injury free?

2 thoughts on “One down, seven to go…

    • I am sooo lazy when it comes to foam rolling. Pete always suggests that I try foam rolling when I shove my legs into his lap and “ask” for massages… I’m glad I’m not alone with the masochistic enjoyment of post-long run pain. What’s new with you? Any races coming up soon?

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