Eugene in Pictures (Part 4)

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Somehow I woke up on Saturday morning feeling great. So Pete and I went for a run around 9:30 and met up with TJ, another member of the Oiselle team, for a run on Pre’s trail.

On the bridge to the trail. We tried to get the background in the shot too, but it didn’t work.

We had planned a day to explore, so we hit up the famous Eugene Saturday Market. Lots of hippies and a Jen Rhines sighting. The Saturday Market has been around since May 9, 1970.

A photo of the Eugene Saturday Market in 1970 (source: Eugene Daily News)

Extreme Tie Dye at the Eugene Saturday Market

Afterwards, we decided to take a drive to King Estate Winery (on a very winding road). It was worth it once we got there, but it was also near vomit-inducing. My cousin Shannon and her husband Brian had recommended King Estate for their wine as well as their gourmet food, and we were starving by the time we arrived for a late lunch.

Entertaining ourselves after wine tasting and lunch.

Sour faces.

The winery grounds were gorgeous. Pictures don’t do it justice.

We walked around taking pictures, then eventually drove back to our lovely bed and breakfast (ahem…) where we ran into a lady who was giving away her tickets for tomorrow. Her daughter had just missed the long jump final, and they decided to go home early. We accepted the tickets and ended up giving them to my cousin as a thank you. I felt bad for the girl, but she looked young so hopefully she’ll be back in 2016.

We decided to try out a place called Hot Mamas Wings, however my cousin Shannon had warned us that they are indeed unusually HOT. Pete went with two different flavors, and one of them proved to be lethal.

Turns out that beer does not help cure “fire mouth” but it does get you drunk.

We watched the evening’s track events from our booth and enjoyed the music of Northwest Express.

Northwest Express (source:

I even bought their CD as a souvenir of our experience. I was getting a bit sad as I realized we only had one more day in Eugene, but it was going to be a good one!

(Next up: Voo Doo Doughnuts, the final day on the track, and a late night party at the Wild Duck)

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