Eugene in Pictures (Part 3) AKA “Dial 1-900-Mix-a-lot”

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Day 3: Pete and I woke up in time to meet some of my Oiselle teammates for a run at 19th and Agate, home to Prince Puckler’s ice cream and the Eugene City Bakery.


Double yum. I have been craving the breakfast croissant non stop since we left Eugene.

We ran through town to Pre’s trail, then circled back to the windy road that takes you up to Pre’s Rock. It was just as hilly as I remembered.

Oiselle crew.

The Turners.

Afterwards we hit up the Eugene City Bakery for some breakfast.Then we hurried back to our humble digs to get ready for the track action.

Will Leer’s mustache leading the first semifinal of the men’s 1500.

Start of the women’s steeplechase final!

But the real excitement was about to get started… we ate a quick dinner, then got ready for the Oiselle fashion show and party at the Downtown Athletic Club in Eugene.


Love this! Spring ’13 Origami Tank (from Oiselle facebook page)

Can’t wait to own these styles… Fall ’12 will be out in a few days! (from Oiselle facebook page)

Sally, founder of Oiselle and all-around awesome chick (from Oiselle facebook page).

Olympian Alysia Montano throws down (from Oiselle facebook page).

Meeting Lauren Fleshman, highlight of the evening!

Pete with Hammer!

Sadly I did not get to show Hammer my running man.

Hammer with his son, Booby, who also performed.

What a fun night. I can’t possibly explain what went down, but just know that it was awesome.

(Next up: Recovering, and King Estate Winery)

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