Sunday morning bizness.

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Me and my sister Steph after the MHRM. She just ran a 2 minute 5k PR last weekend (21:38) and is racing again today!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written a post, but school’s out and things are really heating up around here. We’ll soon have a guest post from my sister Steph about her recent PRs in the 5k and half marathon (incredible considering she just had baby Mia in September). The picture above is from the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon that I ran in October (3rd place, 3:05 in my marathon debut). Steph was only 4 weeks post-baby at that race and wasn’t even allowed to run yet. Soon after that we started Piece of Cake Running and she started training with me as her coach. Steph and my brother-in-law Brandon will be running this year’s edition of the MHRM and I’m excited to be there cheering them on.

No marathons for me this year. I’ll be on the track this summer, training for the Strider Mile in mid-August. My goal is to run an outdoor mile PR, but I honestly don’t even know what my mile PR is. We ran the 1500 in high school and college, so my mile PR might be a 5:05 that I ran in a workout once. I ran a 4:52 indoor mile, so I guess that’s technically my fastest mile. My 1500 PR is 4:24 by comparison, but these conversions are all too confusing. I support the “Bring Back the Mile” movement because I get irked by conversions. [I also support the #5krevolution and #burritoforpresident, which are totally unrelated but also very important.]

The real excitement around here is our anticipation of the Olympic Trials! We leave on June 27th and will be there through the final day. I plan on blogging every day to share the experience for those of you that can’t be there. It’s going to be a busy week between the events at Hayward Field, sightseeing with Pete, meeting some of my Oiselle teammates and twitter peeps for runs, and attending the Oiselle Totally Trials party on June 29th DJed by none other than MC Hammer. I’ve been practicing my dance moves 24-7 in preparation. Running man? Check. Typewriter? Check.

The party also includes the Oiselle fashion show. Sally keeps teasing us with photos of the new apparel on clothing racks, tagged and ready to go. We’re all drooling over the new line, and can’t wait to get our hands on it. Especially that striped shirt with thumb holes…

5 thoughts on “Sunday morning bizness.

  1. You are so speedy I can’t wait to see you run the Strider Mile. I’ll be there too but it’ll be a miracle if I break 5:40 🙂 Have an awesome time at the Trials! Oiselle is such a cool group, you will have so much fun!

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