DNF (part three) Love/ Hate

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It’s been a little over a month since the Shamrock Marathon and I’m back in training. I have this love/hate relationship with running (anyone remember those old New Balance ads?) and I think I’m finally over feeling sorry for myself.

I enjoyed running the Mohawk Hudson marathon so much that I thought it was logical to train for another in the spring. My real goal was to have an actual track season, and I was headed in the right direction in December and January. Unfortunately, I also have to work to pay my bills, and my work got to be too much to handle over the winter. I work in a Title 1 school because I am participating in a federal student loan reimbursement program, and it’s just very different from what I expected. On most days I come home exhausted and fall asleep on the couch. Not to mention, education is a hot mess right now, and many teachers are at risk of losing their jobs because the government has decreased funds. To me, this seems like a bad idea. It has also led to a lot of complaining and a general uneasiness among educators. I’m hoping for a turnaround and trying to stay positive, though. Summer is only eight weeks away.

This week I feel refreshed and ready to begin training again. I scrapped the idea of a track season, but I will be running some shorter races this spring. So far I have a 10k scheduled at the end of May and a 5k in the beginning of June. I am definitely not done with the marathon, and am dying to get under that 3 hour mark. My 3:05 in October felt so easy, and I wasn’t even sore afterwards. I feel like I have a lot of potential in the marathon, but it’s going to require another solid summer of training. And I’m going to get my fill of track action in another way… Pete and I are headed to Eugene, Oregon for the Olympic Trials and to hang out with the Oiselle team! We could not be more excited!

I had a great picture from my long run this past Sunday, but unfortunately my blackberry did not survive the run. I guess it wasn’t the best idea to take my phone along for 16 miles in the rain, but I always feel safer when I bring my phone along. The run went really well, and I think I’m about to get a new iPhone to make up for it. Now I’ll be able to talk to Siri instead of talking to myself. I’m only half serious about that part.

Two more quick notes:
This Sunday is a big day for my Piece of Cake runners. My sister and brother-in-law are running another half marathon in NY and Lauren is doing the second part of the Boston to Big Sur Challenge. Yes, that’s right, she ran Boston and less than two weeks later will be running another marathon. Fingers crossed for a PR since the heat destroyed her chances in Boston.
I also started writing a novel! It’s a mystery with a little running thrown in. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and I’m looking forward to this summer so I can devote more time to writing.

One thought on “DNF (part three) Love/ Hate

  1. My husband and I are also going to Trials! Our 5 year wedding anniversary present to each other. Maybe we could actually meet for a run!

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