Winding down.

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Much needed “rest” week of 61 miles with one day off.

Today Pete and I went on an exploration run at the park where I usually do my tempo runs. There are a bunch of side trails that we’ve never been on, so we stomped down on new territory.

Checking my splits every quarter mile gets old (at Oak Grove Lake Park).

It was a really nice day, although a little windy. We ran for time, instead of actual distance.

My favorite running spot in Chesapeake (at Oak Grove Lake Park).

Two hours of bliss.

I have three days of work this week, and then we’re taking off on a “family” road trip to NY (Pete, Bella, and me). Can’t wait to spend more time with my family. We loooove Christmas. My family goes a little overboard on gifts, but it’s fun to spoil each other once a year.

Pete, Bella, and me.. time to start packing for our road trip!

Next week I have to figure out how to squeeze in 75-80 miles including a 20 miler. That should be a bit of a challenge, since Christmas is on Sunday. Yikes!

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