74 miles and my Holiday Gift Guide

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74 miles this week!

Monday easy 6
Tuesday 10 (4 tempo @6:15)
Wednesday 15
Thursday easy 6
Friday 13
Saturday easy 6
Sunday 18 (12 marathon pace @6:36)

Longest week since college. I actually feel really good. Well, not at this particular moment, but in general running-wise I’ve been feeling really good. Getting up for work in the morning has not been fun. It’s kind of a rough time of year, but winter break is only a week and a half away (thank the sweet Lord!)

I thought I’d do my own version of a Holiday Gift Guide… so here we go!

Mollie’s Favorite Things.. Ultimate Gift Guide

Gap City Flats $39.95 http://www.gap.com

Gap City Flats

The most amazing flats ever! They come with their own little travel bag, and are so comfy. I wear them to work and have brought them to weddings and when I go out (because I can never wear heels for the entire night).

Oiselle Rundies $65.00 http://www.oiselle.com

Oiselle Rundies

“Days of the Week” undies for runners. These are in high demand this Holiday season.. get them before they sell out!

Oiselle Onyx Tights $70.00 http://www.oiselle.com

Oiselle Onyx Tights

These tights are like butter. And the waistband doesn’t go all the up to your bellybutton like every other pair of tights I’ve owned.

Trigger Point “The Grid” Foam Roller $39.99 tptherapy.com

Trigger Point Foam Roller

Best Foam Roller on the market, hands down. It’s firmer than other foam rollers which means more bang for your buck.

Nuun $24.00 4 pack nuun.com


Great-tasting zero-calorie hydration beverage. I really like the Strawberry Lemonade and Grape flavors (15% of the sales for grape Nuun go towards Team in Training- it’s hydration with a cause!)

Believe I Am Hoody Dress $49.99 beleiveiam.com

Believe I Am Hoody Dress

A sweatshirt dress.. what’s not to love? I admit I do not own this yet, but it’s on my Christmas wish list. Hint.

New Balance No-Show Competitor Socks $11.99 for 1 pair newbalance.com

New Balance Competitor Socks

Cushioned in all the right places, vents on the top, and very comfortable. They keep my feet dry and warm. Available in two colors, black and white.

OK, that’s my gift guide, a short list of my favorite things. Happy Holidays!

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