Working List

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Of upcoming races..

1/1/12 Hair of the Dog 5k (Virginia Beach)

1/20/12 CNU Captain’s Invitational 5000 meters (indoor)

2/4/12 CNU Vince Brown Invitational 3000 meters (indoor)

2/25/12 Crystal Coast Half Marathon (North Carolina)

3/18/12 Shamrock Marathon (Virginia Beach)

3/30/12 Raleigh Relays 5000m

4/7/12 Duke Invitational 3000m steeplechase

4/26/12 Penn Relays 3000m steeplechase

I’m just brainstorming ideas right now… I’m looking for some fun shorter road races to run so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them! I’m so ready to get back on the track and almost wish I didn’t commit to running Shamrock. I have my first 20 miler tomorrow and am not looking forward to it. Most of my long runs did not go well last summer due to my iron problems so I kinda have post-traumatic stress about them.

Also, I stepped on the scale this morning and it wasn’t pretty, but I’m not totally worried about it right now. I’m going to start tracking my weight before and after long runs, something I haven’t ever done before. My Believe I Am training journal has a neat feature in the middle for tracking a bunch of variables like weight, shoes, sleep, heart rate, etc. I’ve been meaning to track my heart rate but I almost never wake up without an alarm so that sucks. Anyway, today was just a test.. I lost 2.2 lbs on a 6 mile run today. Is that abnormal? It seems like a lot to me and also I’m wondering if that will equate to like 8 lbs or more tomorrow… so stay tuned for those exciting results. <—-That was sarcasm there.

Pete is busy working on our coaching website (almost finished!!) and Bella is asleep next to me. We tired her out with a run and over an hour at the dog park. Okie that’s all for now!

2 thoughts on “Working List

  1. I lost 5 lbs on a 2 hr run that was also in the middle of August! I like the tracking page in my B.I.A. journal, too. I weighed myself 2x before the marathon, out of curiosity, since I typically weight myself, umm, never. I mean to track it for curiosity purposes, but haven’t seeing as I don’t have a scale. I tracked sleep in there while I was training – I found that helpful.

    • I should track sleep, that’s a good idea. I avoid the scale as much as possible, so I’m with you on that. So I lost 5.2 lbs today on a 20 mile run. Makes me wonder how much I would have lost if it were hot and humid like it normally is in the summer. I guess that’s why I felt like crap for every long run before.

      PS- I’m thinking a cover or case for the B.I.A. journal is a good idea (I think you had mentioned that somewhere). Mine’s getting a lot of use and it’s only been a month..

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