New Adventures

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I spent far too much time last night messing with the layout of my blog. Pete and I finished our website and published it last night as well. The link should be right about here —————————————————————————————————————->

Running has been going very well this week after a rough start to the week. After I took a day off on Tuesday every run has been great. I must have built up some strength from the hills in NY last week. It’s a little depressing to come back home after leaving my old home, and work has been pretty rough this past week, so I think I’ve been channelling my frustrations into running. Whatever works.

My usual running partner. Isn't she adorable?

Anyway, this week I ran 66 miles with one day off. Today’s long run went really well, maybe because I ran on a new trail I found (and on another of my favorite trails). I ran the first half in 1:14:30 and the second half in (hmmm can I do this math? I’m so bad at track math) well the total time was 2:27:21 which is an everage of 7:22 per mile for 20 miles. I’m so glad I didn’t drive to Virginia Beach to run on the trails there. I’ve had a few bad experiences on those trails and this was by far my best long run ever. I also wanted to track my fluid loss because that was a big problem for me this summer. I lost 5.2 lbs and only took in 20 oz and 4 carbohydrate squares. That seems like a lot to me, especially because it was only 60 degrees. I do wish it would get colder, though. I actually like winter running, although when it snows they DO NOT clear the roads so that makes for an interesting time. More on that later.

Even plow truck drivers in Virginia have trouble staying on the roads. Maybe try some salt first?

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  1. That is one plus of living in Manhattan…we may not have trails, but *usually* things are salted and plowed. I say this now and it won’t be this year….

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