A Mini-Announcement

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I’m calling it a mini-announcement because we’re not up and running yet.. but I’ve never been good at keeping secrets so I just have to say something..

Pete and I are feverishly putting together an online coaching business for runners! I’ve been writing training plans for family, friends, and co-workers, so why not turn it into a business? Pete’s been serving as the web designer and manager thus far, and I’ve been writing up some sample plans as well as the questionnaire and explanation of the training programs. I know that this is not a new thing and there are plenty of competent coaches out there, but we have some unique ideas that will hopefully make up stand out.

So if you know anyone that needs a training plan for an upcoming race or is interested in online coaching, tell them to vist my blog (we’ll have a link) or email me at mollie.defrancesco@gmail.com. More info coming soon!

Maybe one day we can get our shave ice business going too... it's soooo good

On another subject… Monday and Tuesday were complete crap as far as my training goes. I had a 6 mile recovery run on Monday that felt like 26. I guess those hilly runs from last week tore up my legs more than I had thought, and so I decided that I needed a rest day to re-build. Today I still felt like crap all day and the thought of running 14 miles was just mentally draining. We had a staff meeting after school for 45 minutes, and I had to talk myself out of just driving home and flopping on the sofa. I took off after teh meeting so I wouldn’t find another excuse to skip my workout. From the first step of the run I felt like a totally different person. My pace was good, about 7:20- 7:30 for the 14 miles and I was completely zoned out the entire time. Soooo glad I didn’t skip this run. I’m not going to make the mistake I did last week and try to make up for the day I took off. I’m supposed to hit 74 miles this week, but I will only hit 64 because of the 10 miles I missed yesterday- big whoop. I’m not in a big rush to go over 70 miles yet.

I just finished this in time to watch Survivor.. and then probably fall asleep at nine. Nice.

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