A Short History… Part Three

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(..which has turned out to be not very short..)

I left off with the year 2007 when we were living in Boston. In the spring of 2008 we moved to Virginia when Pete’s mom got very sick and we had to find new jobs in a different field.

2008- Open 5k 3rd place 18:38.. That summer we watched the Olympic Trials and Olympics when they finally had women’s steeplechase as an Olympic event. Soon after, I started coaching cross country and the combination of the two motivated me to start running again. I ran a 5k cross country race and two 5k road races that fall so I was much more prepared than in previous years. It was freezing that year, and coincidentally this was also the year that Brandon’s family came from Maui for Thanksgiving. We got so fed up waiting for the awards ceremony that my dad basically bullied the mayor into giving us my trophy early. I think this was the first year they changed the start and finish.. which was the beginning of the end of the Turkey Trot in my opinion. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

2009- Open 5k 21:56.. Another course change. Instead of the old flat, fast, out and back course (which was fun because you got to see everyone during the race and could cheer each other on).. they added a surprise effing hill! Not just a small hill, a big one in the last mile. SERIOUSLY!? It was bad. I was out of shape anyway because I hadn’t been running at all (due to our wedding, honeymoon, new teaching job, and coaching field hockey after school.. and newlywed bliss AND laziness) but I was doing ok until that hill. I got mad, stopped and walked. Pete passed me going up the hill and he was all confused, asked me if I was ok and I was like “I’m fine but I am never running the Turkey Trot again.” I mean, they could have at least mentioned there would be a hill, right? This was the only year that Pete beat me in the Turkey Trot.

2010- Open 5k 2nd place, 18:25.. This was my first season coaching cross country at my current school so I got to run a lot more than the previous year. It was my best placing in the Turkey Trot since I last won in 2004. It was also the year Pete got knocked down at the start and he almost got trampled until some guy reached down and pulled him up. The race had doubled in size in the past 5 years (there were 2000 finishers in 2005 and 3900 in 2010) which was supposedly the reason for all of the course changes (another change this year).

2011- Open 5k 4th place, 18:12.. I am still fuming over the fact that I beat the third place girl to the line. They gave it to her because her chip time beat mine, but anyone who knows anything about racing knows that you are supposed to go with gun time. Considering I ran my fastest time since 2002 I shouldn’t be all that upset, but a rule’s a rule. The start of the race was a mess again this year.. I thought I had a good spot until a huge guy with an mp3 player squeezed in front of me on the line. I am hoping they fix all of these issues or we are going to switch to the 10k next year (there were 4200 finishers in the 5k and only 750 for the 10k). There was yet another course change this year..they moved the start and finish so the old ridiculously long finish straight was eliminated.

I was hoping to post some old Turkey Trot pics, but since I’m not at my own computer, here are some pictures from this year’s race:

I don't look very happy. I think I just realized that guy stepped in front of me on the start line.

Starting line, I'm wearing a green Oiselle top and Oiselle onyx tights and standing next to the guy in the neon green singlet.

Another shot before the start. I am not overdressed. It is 40 degrees and these people are crazy

Waiting for the start, still annoyed at the giant guy in front of me. He doesn't even have a race number.

The start of the 5k

Spectators at the finish!

Happy finishers in the 64th annual Troy Turkey Trot!

7 thoughts on “A Short History… Part Three

  1. That’s so cool that you’ve been running for so long and have a “constant” race (pretty much) throughout! My friend courtney is from syracuse and has done the boilermaker for 12 years in a row now and each of her results depends on what was going on in her life that year. I think that’s kind of fun.

    And, id die if I ran a 5k that fast ever!

    • I did the Boilermaker in 2003, I remember the course was really hilly.. I would love to do it again, especially for the pint glass and the post-race party 🙂

  2. run the 10k next year, plus they give out $$$ to the top 5! who took the pix you posted, they are really good! that was my 45th straight turkey trot, dont think i’ll write a blog about all of them though! they (re) started the race in 1964 when i was in 7th grade, i didnt start running them till 1967 when i was a soph in hs, first year i ran xc. for some reason my hs xc coach didnt recruit me (even though i won all the elementary gym races where he taught) so i was a 72 pound 3rd string defensive back my freshman year! what a waste!

    • You should write a blog, it would be funny! I could have included so many other details (like that kid Tyson that got the tomato soup spilled on him during the race a-la-Seinfeld).. you do have quite the streak going on though, even with that darn calf of yours!

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